Discover the world of wine science at Eastern Institute of Technology
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Discover the world of wine science at Eastern Institute of Technology

The Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) in New Zealand has refined the structure of its viticulture and oenology courses, catering to the tastes of ambitious global learners. Taught at the Hawke’s Bay campus, students here are surrounded by inspiring, leafy grounds and a contemporary vibe.

In your time at EIT, you’ll get the chance to explore the country’s diverse and spectacular landscape, as well as visit over 90 wineries in the Hawke’s Bay region and sample some of the best wines in the world.

Enhance your knowledge of science

Do you have an undergraduate degree in the field of science, but are keen to dive into the wonderful world of wine? Well, with a UG qualification in subjects such as biology, chemistry and physics, you have the power to fast-track onto an EIT viticulture or wine science graduate diploma programme.

Providing learners with a faculty full of industry-leaders and a prime selection of grapegrowing and winemaking programmes, students are equipped with the necessary tools and techniques to handle the practical and theoretical sides of the disciplines.

To keep your productivity flowing, lessons take place in the EIT wine sensory laboratory, instrument laboratory or on the demonstration vineyard. Plus, the Hawke’s Bay campus environment also boosts your educational efficiency. With extremely high rates for student satisfaction, many EIT learners enjoy the informative course outlines and friendly teachers.

During your selected study route, the institute will introduce you to high-tech facilities and advanced chemical analytical equipment. Specifically, for the oenology programme, you will uncover the complexities of a High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC), Gas Chromatograph (GC) and an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS). With exclusive access to professional equipment and first-hand knowledge of the intricate winemaking field, you will graduate well-primed and ready for work in the industry.

Revive your career with Viticulture

If you’re excited to understand the technical, scientific and managerial aspects of grapegrowing, the Graduate Diploma in Viticulture is the one for you. Throughout this multidimensional degree, you’ll get to study topics such as botany, soil science, vine health and vineyard establishment.

It’s also great to know that both graduate diplomas are supported by the graduate programme’s scholarship scheme. These scholarships provide a small contribution to assist students entering higher level programmes realise their goal of studying in New Zealand.

Peter Zhang, a Viticulture and Winemaking student originally from China, loved studying at the Eastern Institute of Technology. As he highlights in his EIT experience video, “Since I was young, I wanted to get involved with horticulture but never had the chance. As Hawke’s Bay is the oldest wine region in New Zealand and EIT has an outstanding reputation, I chose to study here. So far, I’ve gained a lot of experience, produced my own wine and worked part-time at a vineyard!”

Discover the world of Wine Science

If you’d rather absorb information about wine microbiology, inorganic chemistry and sensory science, the Graduate Diploma in Oenology is another great route to take. Powered by winemaking science and practice modules, you’ll attain a practical approach to the popular trade.

With an interest in phenolics, Rakesh Bhatnagar from India chose EIT for his study of oenology. As he explains in his student video, “Before I came to New Zealand, I [had] just completed my chemistry degree. I wanted to understand the phenolic compounds in wine, so my Professor recommended EIT and the Hawke’s Bay campus. It was the perfect choice and I’ve had the chance to work in world-class wineries and the multifunctional facilities at the Institute.”

One impactful and experiential opportunity for international students at EIT is they are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week while they study. Many swear by the value of such an experience; those who apply for work in a winery find it not only helps with their studies, but also gets them a foot in the door of the industry by establishing key relationships.

Create a vineyard of personal growth

Once you’ve obtained a Graduate Diploma in Viticulture or Oenology from EIT, you’ll have acquired the knowledge and expertise necessary to move on to the next step in your pursuit of a vocational career.

With a professional diploma in Oenology, you’ll be well-suited for a variety of roles such as a technical advisor, an assistant winemaker, a winery enterprise manager, a senior cellar person or a distribution executive. EIT is a school that goes the extra mile to provide you with valuable career links and help you figure out the best future path.

Alternatively, with an EIT Graduate Diploma in viticulture, you could become a vineyard contractor, a viticulturist, a winery operator, or even a researcher. The graduate field for both diplomas is as prosperous as a field of healthy growing grapevines.

While studying your chosen course at EIT, career planning and advice is offered at every step. Through the Hawke’s Bay Careers Centre you’ll be able to map out your future prospects with a dedicated counsellor. Since EIT is known for its job-focused framework and academic prowess, you’ll soon become a connoisseur of wine science and viticulture!

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