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Discover a modern, integrated PhD program at Northeastern University

When ambitious students commit to a PhD program today, they aim beyond traditional research opportunities and networks. The world is changing faster than ever; as borders blur, collaboration yields faster, more efficient results for the scientific community. This is the spirit embodied by the The Connected PhD at the Northeastern University College of Science.

In this program, you will explore career pathways through intensive on-the-job training and industry exposure. Additionally, the professional leadership component provides training for PhD candidates to navigate and lead the corporate world. You will gain the right skills to work with C-suite executives, thus successfully merging the worlds of science and business.

If you are a postgraduate looking for the ideal PhD program for the modern, globalized landscape, read on to find out what awaits at Northeastern University.

Experience a cross-disciplinary, experienced-based PhD program

Collaboration is the name of the game in the Connected PhD. Candidates are free to explore collaborative research opportunities to chase common goals. This allows each one to earn a prestigious PhD degree while honing the strategic, independent thinking skills that are necessary to solve real, emerging issues.

PhD program

Whether in or out of the lab, Connected PhD candidates are in for a unique graduate experience. Source: Northeastern University – College of Science

New candidates will be admitted into a specific college department or program, where they will receive support in the form of full tuition scholarship, graduate assistant position with stipend, and health insurance. Students will also receive the mentorship and guidance of an experienced professor and other faculty. You may apply to one of seven specializations: Biology, Chemistry, Marine and Environmental Science, Mathematics, Network Science, Physics, or Psychology.

In addition, this program is unique in its integration of experiential learning opportunities. Candidates get to explore career fields in and outside of their primary research focus, drawing cross-disciplinary experiences that ultimately enhance academic and professional growth.

In fact, Northeastern University is ranked #1 in the US for its co-op experiential learning program. Students at all levels build their resume with real work experience, thus boosting their career prospects. Not only will you gain access to elevated professional advancement opportunities, but also explore various pathways for your academic journey.

Forge global connections in a scientific hub

As home to a number of prestigious higher education institutions, world-class medical facilities, and ground-breaking scientific companies, Boston, Massachusetts continues to be the birthplace of revolutionary ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit. Brilliant minds have gathered here throughout the centuries, creating a scientific hub that is inspiring in its legacy and potential. This is part of the Northeastern appeal: a healthy science and technology scene with plenty of diverse career opportunities.

At the same time, Northeastern PhD candidates are privy to opportunities well beyond the US. With a presence dating back to 1898, the university has established strong, long-standing relationships with industry leaders, partners and an alumni network of more than 275,000 globally. This facilitates placement opportunities for graduate students across the industry, forging truly global connections in the scientific community.

Hone professional leadership skills

Beyond scientific capability, you will hone professional and entrepreneurial skills that are necessary to succeed in the world of commercial science. In this way, the PhD program is more than a qualification; it is an opportunity for professional growth.

PhD program

The social, collaborative factor sets the Connected PhD apart from a traditional PhD. Source: Northeastern University – College of Science

Unlike a traditional PhD program, the Connected PhD opens up various career pathways: research, industry, communication, policy, business, and education among many other options. As part of the Northeastern PhD Network, you may access support and resources to optimize your PhD journey. For example, once you have completed a year of the PhD program, you may also embark on research partnerships via The LEADERs Program, which allows PhD candidates to carry out their research within the private and public sectors. Candidates spend up to 20 hours a week with an organization, after which they present their project to a committee of industry and Northeastern peers. This experience allows you to explore and apply the principles of leadership and teamwork within a company.

Are you ready to respond to society’s most pressing questions, issues, and needs? Then join the cohort of accomplished scholars at Northeastern University’s College of Science. The fall admission priority deadline is December 1 but rolling admissions run through to March 15, depending on availability. Apply now.

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