Devise and develop security solutions at Leiden University

As one of Europe’s leading international research institutions, Leiden University in The Netherlands has an overriding mission to develop 21st-century security solutions. The threats of cybercrime, civil unrest, industrial disasters and international terrorism are steadily on the rise, and so global demand for security graduates has rapidly evolved.

21st century security challenges

Situated in the international city of peace, justice and security, Campus The Hague is the at the centre of 21st century security and safety governance. This city is home to a vast array of international organisations – including the Peace Palace and the International Criminal Court – serving as a strategically located, dynamic student hub.

Every year, the planet deals with a multitude of security and safety threats. When the natural processes of Earth destroy our habitat with hurricanes, tornadoes and volcanic eruptions, we are left with an aftermath of death and destruction. When cybercriminals use brand-new technologies to their advantage, we become virtual targets and end up fearing for our firewalls, passwords and privacy. When international terrorism provokes communities worldwide, the balance of peace and harmony is damaged and disrupted.

That’s why there’s never been a better time to pursue BSc Security Studies with Leiden University’s Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs. As the pressure increases for government agencies and companies to keep their safety and security strategies updated, businesses are constantly on the search for innovative, forward-thinking graduates to help them deal with issues that relate to international terrorism, natural disasters, cyber threats and risk management.

This English-taught degree in Security Studies at Leiden teaches you how to think critically, as well as how to act effectively in a complex world, giving you the freedom to design your future career. Skills learned from this bachelor programme are relevant and transferable, giving you the chance to work in strategic, analytical jobs at both public and private organisations in security domain, such as risk manager, policy officer and researcher in security – the opportunities are endless!

Institute of Security and Global Affairs

Another key advantage of the Leiden learning experience comes from its world-renowned Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA). With first-class researchers and ongoing multidisciplinary research activities, you’ll receive constant support for the duration of your studies.

The institute itself attracts students and staff from all corners of the world. By learning alongside a community that’s rich with diversity, you’ll be exposed to a variety of opinions and will therefore start to build a global mindset. By demonstrating that you can think beyond the box, potential employers are far more likely to take your application seriously when applying for international roles.

With such a wide selection of academic avenues on offer, Leiden provides a field of infinite possibilities. The BSc Security Studies programme and ISGA research initiatives cover a wide range of security and global affairs, so you’ll learn everything you need to know about this modern subject. For instance, Leiden’s research groups tackle the issues of terrorism and political violence, intelligence and security, cyber security and governance, diplomacy and global affairs, physical violence and public order, and the governance of crises.

Network of Leiden learners

According to Leiden Security Studies learner, Nana Salim, the university opens an gateway for international students to study the subjects of governance and global affairs. By undertaking the comprehensive security programme, Nana gained confidence in her future career progression as well as the global state of safety in society at large.

As Nana explains, “Safety and security are more current than ever. It’s a priority for most governments in the world and you cannot open a newspaper without reading about security or our safety issues. What makes it interesting is that it occurs in many different forms; from terrorism to natural disasters and cybercrime. That’s why I chose Leiden University; it’s the only university in Europe which offers this unique bachelor and it covers many different concepts.”

Once you connect to Leiden, you’ll be able to join a huge student network and live in an incredible student city. As Salim points out, “The Hague is a bustling city, with many associations and clubs for students. As an increasing amount of associations for both Dutch and international students are being established in the city, you can go on many field trips to places like the Peace Palace and the National Crisis Centre.”

Secure and shield your future

Protecting your future is just as important as protecting the world from harm. Since the Security Studies BSc encourages you to learn by ‘exploring, understanding and doing’, you will sharpen and enhance your expertise through a uniquely academic yet practical approach.

Year by year, the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs helps students broaden their professional skills. With a Centre for Professional Learning and a Career and Development department, learners gain leadership and management training that deepens their connection to both international and local networks.

Leiden is an institution that lets you build a personal firewall for the future. Supported by interactive career workshops and effective industry-based modules, you’ll find yourself ready to take on any challenge life might throw your way. Regardless of the risk, Leiden’s dynamic security bachelor programme will help you secure success of your own.

If you’d like to know more about the programme and Leiden’s approach to 21st century sociocultural issues, check out the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs website or download a free and informative brochure!

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