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Are you the next game-changing graduate to walk through the doors of Aalto’s School of Engineering? If you’re academically ambitious, ready to conquer the challenges of the contemporary world and are excited to explore the beauty of Finland, you will be welcome aboard!

The future of engineering is at an all-time high. We are delving deeper into the fast-paced digital age, heightening demand for problem-solving visionaries and globally connected graduates looking to provide the world with innovative solutions.

That’s why Aalto University achieved 55th place among technology challenger universities in an analysis by The Times Higher Education in 2017. Due to its forward-thinking initiatives, purpose-driven graduates and strategic ideas, the institution’s innovative school of engineering consistently strives to shape the future of engineering.

Associate Professor Sven Bossuyt is a firm believer in the ethos of the school, understanding that the institute focuses on both the future aspirations of students and the world’s sustainable future.

As he states in an online interview, “Here at Aalto University, you have the freedom to decide for yourself what the biggest opportunities are and what resources you can use to address the issues. As Aalto has an inventive advantage, you can take risks and if it doesn’t work out, you can try again. That’s why we get an international mix of the very best students.”

Using research to raise the bar

With a long-standing tradition of producing revolutionary research, the School of Engineering analyzes key areas such as Arctic Technology and Sustainable Built Environments. If you ever want to take some time to look through the Aalto archives during study breaks, there are plenty of research texts stored away at the Otaniemi Campus Library.

The Aalto engineering school appreciates that freedom is fundamental to academic thinking. While studying here, you will enjoy the boundless freedom to explore your creative potential. By thinking outside of the box, you’re more likely to develop extraordinary engineering solutions to complex problems. That’s why the Aalto University Undergraduate Center is always buzzing with people!

Granting you a peaceful study environment, the Otaniemi campus gives you the space you need for your ideas to flourish and grow. Furnished with fresh and innovative Finnish designs, this is a serene and stunning place to be. The campus also acts as an engine for innovation. Surrounded by research companies, inventive start-ups and digital technology parks, you’ll always find an interesting place to stop and refill your thinking tank.

To get a detailed idea of Aalto’s current direction, take a quick look at the institution’s research roadmap. From this document you’ll gain a strong sense of where a top-quality education and interdisciplinary collaboration opportunities have the potential to take you.

Aalto student adventures

The most distinguishing factor at this school of engineering is the Aalto spirit. Students are full of passion, courage and the desire to do something that hasn’t been done before.

As PhD mechanical engineering student, Arshe Said, explains, “Aalto’s vision combines science, business and arts together, the university became a driving influence for me and my research group. My advice to young people who are interested in research is to be motivated, focused and patient. With Aalto, you are sure to go far.”

With a diverse range of courses to study, you’ll have the opportunity to take your academic interests to the next level. Since the Master schemes at the Aalto University School of Engineering cover the fields of mechanical engineering, civil engineering and surveying, students get the chance to pick and choose from a variety of modules. The multifunctional Master’s Programme in Advanced Energy Solutions allows you to study topics such as energy processes, energy systems and energy in built environments.

And during your time at the school of engineering, you’ll gain exclusive access to the amazing Aalto Design Factory. This unique project supplies you with a physical and mental working environment to build your sustainable products and solutions. Once again, at Aalto, there’s always space for innovation!

Engineering and Entrepreneurship

Another advantage to the Aalto engineering student adventure is the student-led start-up scene that’s on offer. Their Start-up Sauna kicked off in 2009 as an empty warehouse with a few entrepreneurs who wanted to express their ideas. Since then, it has rapidly transformed into a focal meeting point for international leaders and investors. So, if you think you have a design that’s destined to meet global industry needs, Aalto’s Start-up Sauna may be your ticket to success.

Alongside this initiative, there’s also the Aalto Innovation Services. Since many Aalto students have gone onto forge remarkable start-up success, the university demonstrates fluent entrepreneurial engagement in its education system.

Aalto University is also a partner of the annual international Slush event. Usually, engineering students join forces with the 2,000 slush volunteers in order to get a slice of the entrepreneurial action.

With so many leadership opportunities in place, it’s clear to see why more that 70 new enterprises are founded at Aalto every year. For any aspiring student, the Aalto School of Engineering is the ideal institution to find academic freedom, industry-leading expertise and a supportive space to design, innovate and create.

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