Degrees for high school students who hate math and science
Here are some degrees to consider if you hate math and science with a vengeance. Source: Eliabe Costa/Unsplash

Despite being told repeatedly about the importance of studying mathematics and science-related subjects, some of us simply don’t fare well in these area of study, no matter how hard we try.

But that’s OK – it doesn’t mean you’re destined for failure.

When it comes to university studies, there are many degrees that don’t require you to be a math or science wizard – you’re bound to find one that suits your interests and plays to your strengths, be it languages, writing, music, or something else entirely!

So, if you hate math and science with a vengeance, here are some degrees to consider pursuing at university.


A BA in Acting, or those in the dramatic arts field, do not only prepare students for the craft itself, but also develop 21st century skills that contribute to their professional success, such as entrepreneurialism, growing a social media presence and working with new media to boost employability.  


A BA in Communications (or Mass Communications and the like) is a popular liberal arts major. This degree can prepare students for a range of careers across different industries, be it the media, public relations, advertising, marketing or even education, depending on the role. Communication majors can be broad, exposing you to subjects pertaining to public relations, ethics, corporate communication, and more. Just about every industry requires a communication expert, and by racking up the necessary experience, you can improve your employability in the future.

English and Literature

This major may be ideal for students who are voracious readers. You may spend ample time reading and discussing texts, exploring different types of literature, including modern and traditional works, which can help you broaden your perspectives, sharpen your critical thinking abilities and even improve your skills for self-expression. This degree can prepare you for roles in a range of careers, be it writing, journalism, public relations or even marketing.


If you love reading and learning about the past – not merely memorising these facts – a history major may be perfect for you.

Generally, you will be exposed to a wide range of modules and be expected to analyse trends, understand how they have shaped modern times and even delve into philosophical questions. With this degree, you may want to consider continuing to postgraduate studies if you’re interested in research, while other careers you can branch into include working in a museum, writing and journalism.


Another performing arts major makes the list – a BA in Music (or Musical Theatre, Music Performance, Jazz Studies and the like) tends to offer a practised-based curriculum to supplement your theoretical and academic knowledge. You may be exposed to subjects such as music theory, technology and history, among others, in addition to practical experience.

Depending on your programme, you may be graded through a mixture of written and practical assessments, in addition to coursework. So, whether you are looking for a professional career in music, be it in entertainment or even the education industry, a degree in the field could prove invaluable.

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