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Here at Study International, you’ll find hundreds of articles on why you should take the plunge and study overseas. Although studying abroad is often the exhilarating adventure of a lifetime, it can also be daunting and exciting in pretty much equal parts. We rarely consider the unique challenges that studying abroad presents: leaving your family and friends behind in your home country, adjusting to a new language and culture, and making friends in an unfamiliar city. Those barriers are difficult to overcome, and often discourage prospective international students from taking the plunge.

Many students find themselves wishing they could study abroad without actually going overseas. After all, international study is expensive, and some people may be unable to travel due to family ties, health concerns, or work obligations. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could earn a degree from an international university from the comfort of your home?

While that may seem counterintuitive, it is absolutely possible. At Deakin University, international students can earn their degree without ever stepping foot outside their home turf. Deakin believes in promoting education without borders, so if you can’t come to the classroom, Deakin will bring the classroom to you.

The online degree option is available for the Bachelor of Psychological Science program, specifically targeting international applicants with a passion for the Psychology profession. Even though Deakin was only founded in 1974, its School of Psychology is considered one of the largest and most innovative specialized psychology programs in Australia. More than one-third of the students enrolled in Deakin’s undergraduate psychology course are part of the university’s Cloud Campus; a flexible online degree that caters to students’ individual needs. Students enrolled in these degrees can study at home or on-campus or a mix of both over the duration of the course. Some students opt to complete the three-year accredited undergraduate sequence online at home before applying for accredited postgraduate training in psychology at Deakin, or at any other Australian University.

Deakin’s aspiring psychologists benefit from personalized and adaptable study options on top of world-class academics. As a Cloud Campus student, you’ll have access to a student success coach who will frequently liaise with you via Skype to provide educational and personal support. The program also includes DeakinSync, a “study hub” where you can manage your courses and even create a career plan. You can download and watch lectures according to your own schedule, and participate in group chats and online seminars with your lecturers and classmates. The university calls it “your campus without walls.”

You can also choose to complete the Transitioning to Work unit, allowing you to earn 140-hours of practical experience in a psychology-related role. Since students are required to find their own placements, you can earn work experience in your home country, or head down under to enroll in a placement with any of Deakin’s renowned partners.

Employability is an added bonus with the Deakin psychology degree. In fact, Deakin is the third university in Australia for employability, according to the 2016 Times Higher Education Employability Rankings. Deakin psychology graduates work in mental health, criminal justice, education, business, marketing, and more.

Deakin offers a free, two-week taster course for those who want to try out the Cloud Campus before officially enrolling. Don’t want to go completely online? Not to worry! Deakin’s degrees are fully flexible and tailored to your needs. You can decide if you want to enroll partially online or partially on-campus. You’ll also have full access to on-campus facilities, even if your degree is fully online.

To sum up, you can earn an international degree from the comfort of your home, all while saving money on travel, living, and accommodation expenses, studying at your own pace, gaining practical work experience, and landing a job soon after graduation…go ahead and sign us up!

Don’t just take our word for it, though – here’s what international students at Deakin have to say about their experience:

“Deakin made everything possible for me, broadened my knowledge on so many areas, beyond just psychology. Knowledge is power; you will never lose when it comes to learning, you only gain. In a nutshell, Deakin gave me nothing but power.” — Iam Wan Nur Alisa, International Psychology graduate at Deakin

“Studying via both cloud and campus mode allowed me to balance study and work commitments with the responsibilities of raising a young family.” — Butrus Ajak, Master of Health Promotion and Public Health graduate

Want to see more testimonials? Check out Deakin’s blog on the international student experience, curated for international students, by international students.

As Bob Dylan once famously sang, “the times, they are a-changin’”, and that sentiment is certainly evident in modern education. Ed Tech Magazine reports that, although one in four students in higher education are enrolled in online courses, consistently fewer universities offer the support online students need to thrive in an online learning environment.

Deakin University certainly isn’t on that list. In fact, its Cloud Campus program is one of the most innovative and inclusive online degree programs in the world. That’s because Deakin understands that work, family, and finances often prevent prospective students from achieving their professional and academic goals. The success and popularity of Deakin’s Cloud Campus proves that it shouldn’t – and doesn’t – have to be that way.

Want to find out more about how you can earn your psychology degree, your way? Get in touch today at! Or check out the university’s page for international students.

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