Danes Hill School: Education that leads to top senior schools & beyond

Danes Hill School: Education that leads to top senior schools & beyond
Source: Danes Hill School

Where do you go for the best chances of getting into some of the world’s most selective senior schools?

In the UK, you go to Danes Hill School.

As one of the country’s leading co-educational preparatory school for children aged 3 to 13, Danes Hill School is renowned for getting pupils into some of the most selective senior schools both in the UK and abroad.

The school offers an inclusive ethos where the pursuit of excellence across academic, artistic and sporting domains is expected, valued and celebrated. As a result, pupils receive a rounded education and are confident, successful learners. The curriculum is exceptional in breadth, depth and balance, enabling a wide range of skills and talents to be developed.

In 2018, pupils at Danes Hill attained no less than 57 coveted scholarships to senior schools.  With future destinations to approximately 28 different senior schools, 84 percent of pupils were awarded A*, A and B grades. The school consistently achieves outstanding results in 13+ Common Entrance exams. Between 2015 and 2018, pupils at the school were awarded 231 scholarships, comprising a range of academia, music, sports, DT and performing arts, to some of the most elite senior schools in the UK, including Eton, St Paul’s School and Westminster.

Source: Danes Hill School

At Danes Hill, specialist teachers in each department ensure success at all levels of study. From securing scholarships to gaining perfect Common Entrance admittance, even to ensuring quality teaching to younger students, this team of educators is able to unlock the full potential of every student.

Danes Hill seeks to provide a broad and balanced full-time education for boys and girls. This curriculum seeks to develop the intellectual, social, physical, moral/spiritual, linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, physical, aesthetic and creative awareness of each pupil, promoting a wide range of appropriate opportunities across each area. The extensive range of opportunities enables each child to develop and acquire appropriate skills in speaking and listening, literacy and numeracy.

The school strives to provide additional curriculum opportunities, including the chance to study classics and modern languages. French and Spanish are taught throughout the school and opportunities to learn German, Latin and Greek are given in varying degrees to pupils from Year 4 onwards. Other linguistic provision is made as required, for example, Danish, Mandarin and Japanese.

The curriculum recognises the need for each pupil to learn and make progress at a level that suits them, helping them achieve the appropriate level required to reach the independent school of their choice. In addition, the curriculum encompasses a comprehensive programme of social and cultural visits, plus internal and external speakers that prepare them for life beyond the confines of traditional education.

The school seeks to modify its academic offering in light of each pupil’s age, ability and aptitude in English, Maths and Science, (including practical and investigative work). Considerable differentiation is practised at each stage in the educational process so that the curriculum meets the needs of pupils with special educational requirements including, gifted and exceptionally talented children and those with specific learning difficulties.

Source: Danes Hill School

From the earliest stage, pupils have access to subject-specialist teachers who deliver lessons at a high level of challenge and encourage a passion for learning. Teachers work very hard to meet the individual needs of pupils and are excellent role models. Staff have high expectations, which sets an aspirational tone to learning.

Education is never static, and Danes Hill is constantly experimenting with different pedagogies. But the aim is always constant; guiding children to become independent and confident individuals who are not just academically successful, but also contribute to the school and wider community. In Year 7, children are invited to take part in the Raven Award. This encourages students to take more responsibility in the wider community. In Year 8, pupils are selected for positions of responsibility at Danes Hill, becoming role models to their younger peers.

In the words of Headmaster Willie Murdock, “At Danes Hill, we aim to take every child in our care on a most extraordinary journey, one which will nurture the talent and provide the skills and experience to last a lifetime.”

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