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Dakota State University: High-tech learning at its finest

Laxmi Manasa Gorugantu from India was always interested in all things computer science. Upon completing her bachelor’s degree in this field, she set her sights on studying in the US, a country dubbed as the world’s leading centre of engineering excellence. 

“While doing some projects and internships during my bachelor’s degree, I wanted to improve my way of approaching a problem in an efficient and unconventional manner,” Gorugantu shares. “I also [wanted to] expand my thought process that could lead to productive results by gaining practical knowledge and experience in the Land of Engineering Innovations.”

To achieve these goals, Gorugantu chose to pursue a Master of Science in Analytics at Dakota State University (DSU), a forward-thinking, cutting-edge, and relevant higher learning institution. It taught her to analyse data and transform vital insights into actionable information — and so much more.

Dakota State University

Today, Gorugantu is pursuing her PhD in Information Systems at DSU. Source: Dakota State University

As a Graduate Assistant at the Centre for Advancement of Health IT (CAHIT), Gorugantu worked on practical programming and web development — all while learning to work under pressure and maintaining quality work amidst tight deadlines. 

“I then got the opportunity to work for a semester under HIM Department at DSU. I worked on the subject — Data Analytics for HealthCare — along with assignments such as developing supplementary course materials and teaming up with professors to work on the ongoing research for Faculty Research Initiative (FRI),” she says. 

An MS in Information Systems is equally impactful. It combines the technical foundations of computer science with key business concepts and applications. Students can choose from nine specialisations to complement their core course, which includes focusing on Healthcare Information Systems.

Dakota State University

Austin O’Brien is the Programme Coordinator for MS of Computer Science. Source: Dakota State University

DSU faculty members work closely with and are committed to the success of their students. “Interacting with students at all levels keeps the job interesting year in and year out. I get to learn new things from students as much as they do from me,” says Associate Professor of Computer Science Dr. Austin O’Brien. “Research is great too because it’s exciting to come up with new approaches to problems that haven’t been solved before, and intersecting that with student research is incredibly rewarding.”

What’s more, a cutting-edge curriculum is paired with hands-on learning and delivered in line with DSU’s mission of promoting intellectual curiosity. Whether it’s the programmes mentioned above, or the BS in Computer Science, BS in Artificial Intelligence, PhD in Computer Science, all provide elite training in soft and hard skills that will never go obsolete.

Santiago Colla knows this well as a BS in Cyber Operations student. “When I was comparing DSU’s Cyber Operations curriculum versus other universities, some courses such as Reverse Engineering and Information Systems Management stood out to me as courses where I could learn a lot about how to actually apply my knowledge to the real world,” Colla shares. 

Learning takes place at the Beacom Institute of Technology, a technology-forward launchpad. Students learn from the best as DSU houses some of the nation’s top authorities on preventing, detecting, and battling digital crime, focusing on cybersecurity, ethical hacking, and cyber operations. They work in state-of-the-art facilities, exceptional classrooms, labs, and collaborative spaces designed especially for the needs of cybersecurity and other tech-intensive programmes.

Dakota State University

Colla enjoys learning from professors who put their heart into the lectures and make sure students learn the material at a good pace. Source: Dakota State University

Beyond this, the Centre of Excellence in Computer Information Systems (CoEX) prepares students to take the lead in the development of technology within business, industry, government, and education. DSU is one of 10 universities in the nation to carry all three National Security Agency Centre of Academic Excellence designations, which include programmes that cover Cyber Operations, Cyber Defence, and Cyber Research.

All of this is made possible through DSU’s passion for helping young professionals thrive at uni and beyond. “We want them to be successful after they graduate as much as we want them to be successful while at the university,” O’Brien shares. “Not only is that great for them, but it also reflects well on the university when we have recruiters tell us how happy they are with our graduates.” 

Learn more about DSU’s international admissions here. Don’t miss out and apply by July 1, 2023! 

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