Curtin Malaysia: A student-centric university
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 The demand for student-centric universities is growing and it’s easy to see why.

By attending an academic institution that values your individuality and tailors programmes to suit your needs, you’re more likely to put your future first and follow your ambitions.

One such university that has established a balanced, well-rounded student community is Curtin University Malaysia in Sarawak. Globally known for its diverse approach to learning, Curtin Malaysia acknowledges that every student is unique and encourages them to design their own study path.

By being in the top one percent of universities worldwide in the highly regarded Academic Ranking of World Universities 2018 and rising to 250th place in the 2018-2019 QS World University Rankings, Curtin is also famed for its high academic achievements.

So, what makes this university in Sarawak so popular with the international student network?

A tropical study paradise

Unlike some universities that are confined to constricted campus structures and desolate study locations, Curtin Malaysia is situated in the middle of Malaysia’s tropical paradise.

Source: Curtin University Malaysia

As Sarawak’s second-largest city north of the state, Miri is the ideal destination for any adventurous learner. With year-round sunshine and landscapes blessed with natural beauty, you’ll be studying in a location unlike any other.

As a well-connected destination, Sarawak acts as both a prime study and travel hub for ambitious students. While studying at Curtin, you’ll have the chance to spend your university breaks in neighbouring countries like Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. Curtin is keen for you to develop both your professional and personal skills, so staff are there to support you every through every step of your study and travel adventure.

Staff also know that beyond the vibrant Curtin campus there is so much to see, standing by to advise you on visits you won’t want to miss. For instance,  the 1,870-square-kilometre Miri-Sibuti Coral Reef National Park and Sarawak’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site at Gunung Mulu.

Curtin’s commitment to employability

Next year, Curtin Malaysia will celebrate its 20th anniversary as the largest international campus and global hub in Asia, as well as its longstanding history for producing career-ready graduates.

To maintain this impressive reputation, Curtin is devoted to developing students’ employability skills. By encouraging learners to gain experience through internships, specialised work placements, networking workshops and the annual placement and internship fair that hosts top regional employers, there’s always a chance to promote your professional capabilities.

Source: Curtin University Malaysia

At this Malaysian campus, you’ll be exposed to an extensive array of interesting extracurricular opportunities.

Recently, 27 undergraduate engineering students at Curtin University Malaysia gained valuable insights into industry operations whilst on a two-day visit to Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Their study trip to the national capital included visits to SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd., Schneider Electric Industries Sdn. Bhd., and Yee Lee Trading Co. Sdn. Bhd.

The university regularly arranges informative industry trips like this, so learners here gain noteworthy insights into their desired disciplines and obtain useful practical skills to take into their next job.

A cohesive student community

At Curtin Malaysia, you’ll become an integral part of a cohesive student community. With a warm feeling of togetherness flowing through the campus, it doesn’t take long for your peers to feel like family.

By binding the Curtin community with the five core values of integrity, respect, courage, excellence and impact, employers actively seek out Curtin graduates for their values-based behaviours.

To fully enjoy your study experience, it’s crucial that you feel included in campus activities. To ensure you do, there are regular community events on offer for students to participate in. For sports enthusiasts, the sporting and recreational complex on campus includes a soccer field, basketball, badminton and volleyball courts, indoor soccer, jogging track and gymnasium.

Alternatively, for Curtin students who love to get involved in community projects, the university calls for regular participation in volunteering initiatives. A few opportunities include working with Curtin e-FACT, Curtin OutReach, Curtin Volunteers, and Curtin Young Associates.

Source: Curtin University Malaysia

The freedom to create your future

Curtin Malaysia grants you the freedom to create your future.

For undergraduate students, there are three main faculties to choose from. At the Curtin Faculty of Business, you can complete a Bachelor of Commerce degree where you can choose one area of specialisation (a single major) or two (a major combination).

At the Curtin Faculty of Engineering and Science and the Curtin Faculty of Humanities, you’ll also get the chance to select a study preference of your choice. From mass communication to scientific engineering, there’s something for everyone at this institution.

For postgraduate learners, there are plenty of graduate certificate courses designed to develop skills in a specialised area that may or may not be directly related to that of your undergraduate degree. This means you have the chance to redesign your career and switch to an alternative academic field.

You can also opt for a postgraduate degree by research such as the Master or Doctor of Philosophy.

Whichever course you choose to pursue, there’s one thing we know for certain: at the student-centric Curtin Malaysia, your future is just as bright as the year-round sunshine.

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