As a creative and global community, Curtin University is known for its high-impact research, strong industry partnerships, and an outstanding reputation for preparing students to succeed in an international workforce, now and into the future.

Curtin Business School (CBS) believes that behind every great business person is a great business degree, and as one of Australia’s Top 10 business schools, CBS boasts considerable influence in providing high-quality, transformative education and research across Australia and the Asian region. It is recognised as an elite global business school through accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International.

CBS has one of the most extensive industry advisory group networks of any Australian business school. It comprises around 70 business leaders who use their knowledge and experience to shape course content.


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A broad range of sponsorships, partnerships, agreements and relationships with government and business provide students with opportunities to engage with industry experts, attend networking events and gain invaluable experience from course projects and internships.

“Providing students with real world experience enhances our graduates’ employability. It also gives employers the opportunity to support and lend their expertise to the students, encouraging the future workforce, whilst being assisted to meet their business goals,” says Professor Tony Travaglione, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Curtin Business School.

CBS uses technology to individualise and personalise student learning and development. The latest theory and research is applied to all degrees, but always with a focus on workplace application and skill development.

Innovation is at the core of the CBS learning experience, but this value isn’t just reflected via Curtin’s world-class academics, it is also clearly visible in its cutting-edge facilities and enterprising learning environments.



At CBS’s newest facility, The Agency, students can experience first-hand how major global brands monitor their digital presence. Nine large screen monitors, including three touchscreens, allow students to follow live trends and campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

“We’ve always been committed to continuously investing in and improving our courses, and students will really benefit from being in such a fantastic space like The Agency. It’s a wonderful space to be in, it’s very enjoyable, visual, and it just really provides an engaging experience for our students – and staff! I love teaching in here,” says Associate Professor Sonia Dickinson, from the School of Marketing.

Students of Curtin Business School leave equipped with the skills to tackle global business problems, regardless of their personal route or chosen specialisation. The CBS Trading Room, for example, presents a real-world imitation of a lively stock exchange environment, allowing students to apply financial theory and learn the art of global business trade.



With 20 Bloomberg Professional licences and Wall Street-inspired terminals, students have access to the premier source of financial and economic data used by many of the world’s largest organisations. Paired with this powerful software is an array of audiovisual technology delivering international news services and live stock prices.

Such high-profile industry contacts and practical learning experiences mean students can form impactful, industry-relevant networks long before they graduate, providing them an invaluable experience that will ultimately make them employable on an all-encompassing, global scale.

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