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Culver Academies: Shaping tomorrow’s leaders with whole-person education

In a world where excellence and opportunity go hand in hand, Culver Academies emerges as a trailblazer, leading the charge in whole-person education. A beacon of intellectual curiosity and personal growth, Culver is where lifelong scholars, courageous leaders, and global citizens are shaped, preparing them to make their mark on the world stage.

Picture this: a sprawling 1,800-acre campus, adorned with woodlands and fields, surrounded by the serene beauty of Lake Maxinkuckee. Here, amidst this safe and serene haven, a Culver student gets to make the most of their school’s academic rigour, leadership development, athletic programmes and student life — all meticulously designed to shape young students into future leaders, prepared to conquer the challenges of college and beyond.

What truly sets Culver apart from other boarding schools is its unwavering focus on what students gain, not just what they receive. It is an institution that takes pride in offering one of the best whole-person educations in the world — a distinction that reverberates through its classrooms, athletic fields, and residential life.

Culver Academies

Culver Academies offers a whole-person education that transforms students into leaders who can make extraordinary contributions to society. Source: Culver Academies

Culver places significant emphasis on its rigorous curriculum. Students engage in three or four subjects per term, fostering deep understanding and broad exploration of various topics. The school offers an extensive range of 185 courses, including 49 art courses and 26 Advanced Placement (AP) classes, as well as a dedicated entrepreneurship programme.

To support each student’s academic journey, Culver provides a comprehensive seven-point system that includes academic advising, peer coaches, block scheduling, tutorials, college advising, the writing centre, and the mentor/mentee programme. These resources empower students to evolve into independent, critical thinkers who can collaboratively overcome challenges.

Character development, citizenship, and leadership education are just as important at this Indiana private school. Some of the best in the country, they seamlessly integrate into daily schedules here. In classrooms, students tackle complex problems of the 21st century. Then, they put leadership concepts into practice among their peers through two different systems: a military-based one for boys and a prefect-based one for girls. These “leadership laboratories” help students develop self-discipline, honourable behaviour, respect, attention to detail, responsibility, accountability, and more at a young age.

“One of the most important parts of Culver is student leadership,” says Evan Gerber, a member of the Class of 2023. “I believe very firmly that I have grown as a person, and more of a man, because of what Culver has done for me.”

Culver Academies

Culver Academies’ athletic programmes promote physical competition, fellowship, and sportsmanship. Source: Culver Academies

More education takes place on Culver’s fields, courts, and tracks. Physical competition, fellowship, and sportsmanship define living and learning here, regardless of a student’s level of experience. Whether they’re casually seeking a fun, new challenge or have the prowess to prove themselves on state and national stages, there are 65 teams to realise all aspirations.

Culver’s commitment to holistic education doesn’t end there. At The Ron Rubin School for the Entrepreneur, a rare offering amongst secondary schools, students learn to identify meaningful social, environmental, and economic pursuits and to be responsible for creating sustainable solutions within those pursuits. This is where they can find exclusive internships, venture capital for start-up ideas, and challenging business competitions.

With such full and fulfilling days, students have plenty to do, to think critically and to act positively. In mind, spirit and body, they find growth. In character, they evolve into leaders and responsible citizens – poised to make an impact in their chosen universities and careers.

Much of this rests on one final step before graduating: finding the college or university that’s the right fit for each student. Whether it’s prestigious Ivy Leagues or more specialised schools, Culver’s Academic and College Advising team adopts a single-advisor model to help students identify their passions, purpose, and potential while making intentional decisions that foster both ambition and suitability. This is usually a chaotic and stressful process at most high schools, but not at Culver, which circumvents this by offering unwavering support every step of the way.

“I think that the most important thing Culver has taught me is to have confidence in chasing after positions that you want or goals that you have,” says McKenna Littleton, another 2023 graduate.“Through my leadership journey at Culver, I have learned so much about myself, and because of it I am able to confidently chase my dreams.”

Culver’s graduates are living proof of the exceptional education their alma mater provides. Armed with the values, knowledge, and lessons they acquired during their time at Culver, graduates are making extraordinary contributions to society. Notable alumni include Olympians, CEOs, a composer of the theme song for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Oscar-winning actors and screenwriters, a storyboard artist for Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Warner Brothers, and an infectious disease and HIV-AIDS epidemic expert, among many others. Their success stories show that Culver is not just a school, but an invitation to unlock a future of limitless possibilities, one transformative experience at a time.

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