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Cranfield University: Expert-led supply chain master’s programmes

Cranfield University School of Management’s faculty are actively engaged in consultancy and business-relevant research. In close touch with the needs of business and government, these experts are consistently current and topical in their teaching. Dr. Hendrik Reefke’s guidance made Vaishnav Deshmukh’s Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc an intellectually invigorating endeavour that struck a good balance between theory and application.

“The programme’s emphasis on practical application, as highlighted through experiences such as innovative simulations, Just-In-Time (JIT) games, SAP lectures, and various other integrated activities, has been instrumental in reinforcing theoretical concepts learned in the classroom,” he says. JIT is a simulation that lets you apply the knowledge gained in the programme to manufacturing planning and control environment.

Faculty members stay current through their research and close industry connections. For instance, Dr Reefke, with Dr. Banu Ekren and Dr. Ismail Abushaikha, has recently published a thought leadership article that explores on-demand warehousing (ODW) in the era of e-commerce and solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. It argues how ODW provides sustainable retailing solutions as well as other advantages, such as faster shipping, lower fixed costs, a larger warehousing network, maximised warehouse capacity and utilisation and higher supply chain flexibility.

Such expertise is contagious. It draws the world’s best talents in this dynamic field and convinces them that a master’s degree from Cranfield University School of Management is the ideal launchpad to realise their goals, no matter how diverse they are.

“Our programmes in Logistics, as well as Procurement and Supply Chain Management MSc, are top-ranked supply chain master’s courses,” says Reefke. “They are co-designed with senior logistics and supply chain professionals and delivered by one of Europe’s largest specialist logistics and supply chain management faculty. These postgraduate courses provide students with the knowledge and skills in supply chain management to help them make a significant difference in the global marketplace.”

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The Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc is ranked second in the UK and 11th globally in the QS World University Rankings. Source: Cranfield University School of Management

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc is ranked second in the UK and 14th globally in the QS Business Masters Rankings: Supply Chain Management 2023. It’s a recognition of the programme’s employability rate, entrepreneurship and alumni success, return on investment, thought leadership and class and faculty diversity.

“Collaborations with industry partners provide insights into modern challenges,” says current student Vinit Suryavanshi. “Moreover, workshops and seminars featuring industry experts keep me updated on the latest advancements. Overall, my programme ensures I’m equipped with both theoretical knowledge and practical experience to navigate the ever-evolving logistics and supply chain landscape.”

Incorporating real-world concepts and scenarios is crucial to improve your knowledge and understanding. “We are quite often engaged in real-world case studies which simulate industry challenges, enabling us to practically implement the theory knowledge,” adds Suryavanshi. “Also, the use of ‘The Fresh Connection’ simulation in our Accounting and Finance module has been a game changer since it replicates business scenarios, and we as students were expected to apply what we learn in class across all modules and solve the problems in the simulation game.”

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All master’s programmes feature foundational core modules and a wide selection of modules for specialisation. Source: Cranfield University School of Management

For Deshmukh, the JIT games were a highlight. “Engaging in JIT games offered a transformative experience, showcasing the immediate effects of lean principles on operational efficiency,” he says. “These hands-on activities, integrated across all modules, have been instrumental in reinforcing theoretical knowledge and equipping me with practical skills for real-world challenges in logistics and supply chain management.”

Another leading programme is the Procurement and Supply Chain Management MSc, which provides you with the specialist knowledge and skills in procurement and management that you need to further your career in this sector. “The programme has a healthy mix of interactive classroom lectures and activities designed to extend the boundaries of conventional learning. These include using real-world scenarios, case studies, discussions, and hands-on simulation sessions,” says student Aneesh Samudrala. “These tools help us supplement taught concepts with real-life experiences, enabling us to understand and engage with the subject in a meaningful way.”

The Executive Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc (Online) is ideal for ambitious managers who want to take on more demanding executive roles and need a programme with a flexible format (10 modules are taught online, and two are delivered on campus). Faculty work closely with the advisory board of senior professionals from global organisations and leading academics from the Cranfield Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

“This MSc course comprises 12 intensive taught modules with an optional international field trip and a thesis project,” says Abushaikha. “Students have the opportunity to complete a number of supply chain, logistics, and procurement simulation games based on real-life business challenges.”

All these master’s programmes feature foundational core modules and a wide selection of modules for specialisation. It is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply. They also feature a four-month independent research project that helps you create new knowledge and explore your interests in depth.

Despite the growing importance and ever-changing updates in the field, the school ensures you can enter the workforce ready. “The importance of supply chain management has been emphasised especially throughout the last few years in which supply strategies, pricing, and supply chain sustainability have become common discussion points in companies,” says Reefke. “At Cranfield University School of Management, we equip students with the knowledge to engage with and solve those challenges.”

To curate dynamic and diverse cohorts, scholarships are available for international students. You stand the chance to receive a merit-based scholarship as part of your application process. Or if you’re from the Americas, Europe, Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey, or Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia, you can apply for one of 45 scholarships worth 10,000 pounds. The new Cranfield School of Management Regional Scholarships gives a 5% early application discount for any applicant who submits by March 28, 2024.

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