Could this new game show eradicate your student debt?
Get your student debt swiped away! Source: Shutterstock

Right now in America, a new Game Show is shaking up the graduate scene.

As a product of TruTV, Paid Off with host Michael Torpey, addresses the fact that Americans collectively owe a staggering amount of “$1.4 trillion in student loan debt”, according to NBC News.

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To help solve this issue, Torpey and his entertainment team thought it would be a great idea to make a trivia show. By quizzing the chosen applicants with both comical and educational questions, the finest competitors end up in a speed round to battle it until the end.

In this sneak preview clip, the show asks hopeful candidates “What’s the best job you could have while in college?”, to which contestant ‘Jay’ answers, “server.

As Torpey gives the swift go-ahead that his answer was correct, Jay is awarded $200 to add to his sum.

Despite premiering this month, this show has already met its fair share of criticism.

In comparison to other game shows that truly dig into their applicants’ skills with factual and difficult questions, Paid Off keeps questions broad and simple.

Daring to ask the question, “Is this a sick joke or a miracle from above?”, Esquire has already portrayed it as a desperate attempt to eradicate student debt and one that makes a joke out of a serious topic.

Why make a joke about student debt? Source: Giphy

Even the host has been called out for playing around with a subject that plagues the lives of many graduates, as he ends each episode with, “Call your representatives right now and tell them you need a better solution than this game show.”

Regardless of opinions, there’s no shame in entering a competition that could put an end to student loan struggles.

Those of you who have completed your academic pursuits will know that the threat of debt is deadly. So, what’s the harm in applying to a game show that could ease the financial burden?

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As an additional tactic of getting it cleared, game shows can certainly be used to your advantage.

Every entertainment platform will have different methods for applying and every show will have its own process. But to help you on your way, here are a few useful websites for potential opportunities:

By enrolling in an exciting game show that offers a cash prize, you can use knowledge gained at university to answer a selection of trivia questions and increase your chances of a debt-free life.

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Even though game shows aren’t considered an ordinary solution for tackling financial issues, you’ll be thinking outside the box and it could lead you to success!

Maybe after reading this article, you’ll be on the next episode of Paid Off or some other TV show that rewards your competitive efforts. If you don’t try, you’ll never know…

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