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Cottey College: True support for young women to achieve all their ambitions

Leadership, social responsibility, and global awareness are the three guiding principles that make Cottey College the preferred higher education institution for women of diverse backgrounds seeking an exceptional education. Students here aren’t looking for an easy path to a degree. Instead, they’re on a transformative journey that empowers them to discover their passions, find their voices and achieve their academic and social goals. At Cottey College, they gain all that and more.

Nestled in the middle of the United States, Cottey College is an independent, liberal arts and sciences all-women’s college that aims to deliver an outstanding education for women. To that end, it combines the best of an interdisciplinary academic approach, a warm and welcoming environment and opportunities to make a real impact — all at an affordable price. This unique combination has allowed Cottey to be ranked as a Top 10 Midwest Regional College by US News & World Report for seven consecutive years.

Here, students find a global perspective not found anywhere else. They’re given every opportunity to learn and grow into responsible and confident future leaders and role models. Much of this has to do with the college’s distinct focus on leadership development. Students benefit from small class sizes and hands-on learning approaches, allowing them to choose the direction of their projects. Senior capstone projects are a requirement across all majors, with many programmes permitting students to independently design, create, and execute these projects.

Cottey College

Small class sizes and a tight-knit community create a student-centred, fulfilling learning environment. Source: Cottey College

Beyond the classroom, there is a rich array of extracurricular activities, from tutoring and athletics to arts, dance, music, clubs, and volunteering opportunities. Internships and other leadership programmes further enhance the Cottey College experience. For example, as the college is also owned by the P.E.O. Sisterhood, an organisation of over 200,000 women, students here get support as they grow into the leaders they want to be.

Look deeper within Cottey College and you’ll find a palpable sense of belonging among students. The faculty and staff go the extra mile to establish personal connections with students, taking the time to understand their unique perspectives, needs, and aspirations. In other words, you are not just a student here but a valued member of their tight-knit community.

Heard and seen, this is where no student is ever singled out as “different”. Instead, they are recognised and celebrated for their achievements and the diverse viewpoints they bring. The college takes pride in creating an environment where every student’s potential is acknowledged and nurtured. Just ask student Chloe Bollin, Class of ’24.

“Cottey is a really great place to be heard. You don’t realise how little space you have as a woman until you don’t have to fight for space anymore. Cottey is a safe space for people to explore personal interests, academic interests, and be themselves,” Bollin says.

It’s an environment that’s as inspirational as it’s comfortable. There are spaces to learn and apply skills, like a cadaver lab and a stock trading lab, while the many lounges, including a free coffee and tea lounge in the library, and a newly renovated Centre for Campus Life, welcome any student in need of some relaxing downtime.

Cottey College

Cottey College offers 8- to 14-person suites instead of traditional dorms, creating a family-like atmosphere that eases the transition to campus life. Source: Cottey College

A shared mission

Regardless of their background, the students here share a common goal: to pursue higher education and advance their aspirations. No one attempts this alone. It’s a collective mission, meaning the entire campus community rallies behind each student, providing support as they work towards their educational and personal goals.

Support is holistic from day one. Students can explore their passions and interests, backed up with plenty of academic guidance and personal development resources to countless other opportunities. The result? Students leave Cottey College well-prepared to excel in their chosen fields and positively impact the world.

It’s a future they’re set to thrive in. Every second-year and transfer student is given the chance to spend the first week of their spring break in a European city. They get to explore the wonders of the city’s art, history, science and culture with classmates and faculty. The best part? The trip, including airfare, lodging costs, and a fancy dinner at the end of the experience, is sponsored by the college — allowing every student an equal chance to experience the world. Past destinations include London, Paris, Barcelona and Madrid.

Taking students abroad helps them understand their place in the world. At home, however, Cottey College brings the world to their campus. Since welcoming its first international student in 1899, Cottey College has continued to thrive as a diverse institution. Today, there are nine countries represented on campus, creating a unique community and enriching the learning experience for all — something you can feel the moment you step foot on campus.

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