University courses and online learning platforms to help you upskill in content creation

content creation
Crafting magnetic content is a skill you can learn. Source: Olivier Laban Mattei/AFP

Automation in the workplace might make some people flinch, but those who are ready to grab the bull by the horns know that the time is ripe for upskilling. Some careers risk becoming defunct as technology continues to transform the workplace, but others, including those in content creation, have better prospects than others.

The World Economics Forum (WEF) notes that by 2025, “automation and a new division of labour between humans and machines will disrupt 85 million jobs globally in medium and large businesses across 15 industries and 26 economies”.

Roles in areas such as data entry, accounting, and administrative support will see a decline in demand as automation and digitisation in the workplace increases.

But more than a harbinger of doom, WEF notes that as the economy and job markets evolve, 97 million new roles will emerge across the care economy, in fourth industrial revolution technology industries like artificial intelligence, as well as in content creation fields.

Content creation covers a vast area — be it visual or written content — and includes everything we see on our social media platforms, blog posts to the technical instructions that guide people through the nitty-gritty steps of assembling furniture.

Content creators have different roles, be it to inform, entertain, or to promote. They may update existing work or create new materials to reach their target audiences.

The content creation advantage

content creation

Content creation is a promising field in the fourth industrial revolution. Source: Anthony Wallace/AFP

Some of the skills that are required for content creation jobs can be learned within a matter of weeks.

Coursera’s data suggests that individuals could start gaining the top 10 skills for each emerging profession in people and culture, content writing, sales and marketing in one to two months.

There is a myriad of ways for individuals who are keen to develop their content creation skills under their own initiative.

These are some useful platforms to pick up some new skills — be it in strategising content to learning the technical and non-technical aspects of content creation:


From improving your grammar to developing content marketing strategies, Coursera offers a motley of courses to suit your area of interest, be it for neophytes to those with some experience under their belts.

For instance, University of California, Irvine’s Advanced Grammar and Punctuation Specialization will help you express yourself in academic and professional settings; Northwestern University’s Content Strategy for Professionals Specialization will equip you with the knowledge to engage your audience by implementing their stories and use proven tools and techniques to enhance an audience’s experience and interests; if you want to learn how to write different technical reports, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology’s Technical Writing will help you develop the basics.


Not unlike Coursera, learners can also enrol in courses from top universities with edX.

You can learn about Writing for Social Media from the University of California, Berkeley, which provides a framework for writing for social media by focusing on purpose, content and audiences, helping you be more effective at using these powerful platforms to deliver your messages.

Making Sense of News by the University of Hong Kong teaches consumers to think more critically about the news we read — such as what makes news, why does it matter, and evaluating sources in news reports, to name a few.


HubSpot offers a number of free content creation courses.

If you’re eager to develop your prowess in planning long-term content strategy, how to effectively promote, measure and analyse content, HubSpot’s Content Strategy Course: Learn How to Create a Successful Content Strategy is ideal.

You’ll learn to tell a story in a way that attracts, engages and delights your audience through each stage of the buyer’s journey.

With YouTube still reigning supreme as a social media platform, learning the basics of growing a YouTube channel can be useful for any business. Their YouTube Course: Learn How to Grow Your YouTube Channel can be completed in under two hours and covers essentials such as how to build your YouTube subscriber base and increase watch time and how to optimise videos.


This MOOCs platform lets you learn by subject, short courses, microcredentials or even online degrees.

Some of the content creation-related programmes include Creating Digital Content, which teaches learners how to create and sustain engaging online content and learn how to build an effective digital marketing plan.

This free programme takes approximately six weeks to complete, and includes the following courses: Create a Professional Online Presence, Create a Social Media Marketing Campaign and How to Create Great Online Content.