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Concord College: Where ambitious students learn to flourish

Zoom in on the heart of the English countryside, and you’ll discover Concord College — a safe, vibrant 73-acre boarding school with a joyful atmosphere. Ranked 2nd in the Sunday Times ‘Parent Power’ league tables and among the UK’s top five, according to Best Schools,  this renowned institution houses an international community of like-minded learners. While happily growing in harmony, they are gaining a high-quality education that embodies results, rigour, class-based learning, and productive challenge. Throughout, they receive unwavering support. 

It all begins in Form 3, where students gather all the components for a strong foundation: global outlook, skills to succeed in the UK exam system, and general academic development. While demanding, the curriculum is rich and varied — allowing learners to discover and pursue their diverse interests while obtaining grounding in a broad range of subjects. 

As Concord’s Head of Lower School Rachel Coward puts it: “The Lower School experience at Concord College is the firm foundation upon which our students build and grow into dynamic learners and thoughtful, articulate young people of whom we are immensely proud. From Form 3, their experiences are intended to enable them to work together in an academically ambitious and mutually supportive way.”

Concord College

At Concord, classes are conducted in ideally-sized groups. Source: Concord College

Students in Form 4 and 5 take on GCSEs, while Form 6.2 students gear up for A-level exams. Each programme is fine-tuned and augmented with the school’s signature super-curriculum, which comprises subject clinics, teacher-led clubs, student-led societies, revision sessions, and more. Each meeting exudes zeal and champions achievement. 

“The positive attitude of our students is visible in a large number of clubs and societies which have an academic focus,” confirms Vice-Principal Tom Lawrence. “These happen outside of class and are usually entirely student-led. They allow students to have extended discussions on topics that interest them and give them the chance to question and debate.” 

A perfect example was earlier this term when sixth form students successfully organised and ran their Model United Nations (MUN) competition. Their whole-school event caught the attention of students from every year group — all of whom were more than eager to join inSome members of 6.2 even served as organisers and United Nations officials.

Such examples of collaboration are common at Concord. “Bringing together bright young minds from all over the world allows them to share and grow together and rather magically, they seem to make each other smarter,” explains Lawrence. “There is a benefit in sharing experiences in different education systems, bouncing ideas off each other and learning from the cultures and the many successes of their friends. This creates an atmosphere of scholarly and creative energy that builds enthusiasm, learning, and success.”

Concord College

Students are encouraged to follow their passions and find new ones. Source: Concord College

These positive traits can be developed in various ways — this is a fact Concord understands best, evident through the emphasis placed on satisfying curiosity and bringing personal ambitions to life. Through the vibrant Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), students are enabled to plan, manage and deliver a piece of independent research.

Natural-born analysts take the dissertation route, participating in library-based research to support the production of a 6,000-word written analysis. Those looking to get their hands dirty complete an investigation by taking measurements and collecting data in the Concord Research Lab — just one of the school’s 21 superbly equipped laboratories. Students more fascinated by practical outcomes like architectural models or engineering designs complete an artifact. Meanwhile, budding visionaries choose the performance pathway which often culminates in a musical concert, drama production, or poetry recital. 

“The programme pushes students beyond the confines of subject specifications and allows them to focus on a topic which really interests them,” explains Lawrence. “More importantly, students learn independent study skills, which will immensely benefit them when they progress to university.”

With such rapid progression comes a need for support. Thankfully, Concord boasts exceptional pastoral care. The College fosters a caring, supportive and exciting environment for the development of its students. All accomplishments are celebrated, opinions are respected and cultures are embraced. Most importantly, safety and welfare take precedence. When students have a concern they need to voice, there’s always a faculty member around to listen and uplift. This is precisely the level of care a multinational student body deserves. Concord is currently home to 42 nationalities. 

With a well-rounded, complete education on offer, it’s little wonder that bright, ambitious learners from near and far choose Concord. Those currently at school flourish in a beautiful campus, as proud members of a truly international community. Upon graduating, they can expect to achieve results that will open doors to prestigious universities and lucrative careers — much like the graduates before them did. In 2021, the school’s Form 5 students achieved the best ever GCSE results with over 93% of grades awarded at seven to nine (the national average is 29%). Meanwhile, 6.2 students were awarded the most impressive grades with 76% of A level grades at A* and 94% at A*/A.  

Such early achievements ensure learners take their first steps into adulthood with the confidence needed to take the world by storm. After all, with a rallying community like Concord’s behind you, anything is possible. Click here to learn more about admissions and you’ll be well on your way to experiencing the connectedness for yourself.

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