Get paid for your rapid response to graduate job openings
Make money while job hunting. Source: Felix-Russell-Saw / Unsplash

Sifting through job sites to find the ideal graduate position can be tiring and costly.

If you choose a local café to search for employment opportunities, your coffee bills will start adding up. If you’re taking time out at home to scour the internet, you’ll have to consider monthly network fees and lazy takeaway days.

A fun-employed lifestyle can be expensive. Source: Giphy

Wouldn’t it be great to earn while you’re hunting for a job? Even though it sounds unrealistic, one company takes this idea very seriously.

Introducing JobLab, based in the UK, a business that’s transforming traditional recruitment styles and gifting graduate users with ‘JobLab Tokens’.

Essentially, if you rapidly respond to job invitations (within 1 hour), complete your profile and upload a video cover letter, you’ll be compensated in either Bitcoin, British pounds (GBP) or Ethereum tokens.

What’s the catch?

Let’s face it, free money always sounds a little bit shifty. But the aim of the initiative is to speed up the process of recruitment and reward the efforts of active job seekers with useful rewards.

With the token incentive, you’re more likely to enhance your employment exploration activities and treat the process as a positive experience.

As Kristy Robertson from Loughborough University states: “JobLab was amazing! I’ve walked out of my degree and straight into a job. Joblab do it all for you, contacting you with job opportunities rather than having to sit on your computer for hours scrolling through adverts. I can’t find one fault with the process.”

Despite being a relatively new company, JobLab has already thought about people who decide to make a job out of applying for roles – a word of warning for those thinking of trying to do so!

Also, since the site’s sole focus is to get you employed, you won’t be entitled to additional rewards after accepting a job offer via the system.

Financial benefits aside, after graduating, you’ll want to choose a simple yet effective platform to convey your talents on.

Show off your skills! Source: Giphy

There are, of course, alternative websites to use but this business has a user-friendly interface and a few cool tricks and gadgets to get your digital CV noticed.

As the co-founders demonstrate in this introductory video, unique features include an in-depth achievements section and an engaging profile video element to spark the employer’s attention. 

So, if you want to try something different and want to stray away from the mundane task of scrolling through job listings and social media ads, give this money-making method a go!

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