Colorado School of Mines: A world-class generation of mining engineers
Source: Colorado School of Mines

The future of the earth requires the development of our energy and resources to be transformed and revolutionized.  The graduate programs at Colorado School of Mines are established to drive such transformation in knowledge, providing the wisdom needed for the best implementation of new technologies to the stewardship of earth resources.

The school strives and acts so that:

  • Our mineral exploration capabilities approach a state of knowledge equivalent to a transparent earth, so the location of all resources is known.
  • New technologies are effectively implemented to improve mine safety and productivity.
  • Strong and lasting community relationships are built to maintain the social license needed to operate in a crowded world.
  • Mine waste, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions are minimized.
  • The design of all mines is sustainable in terms of technical, financial, environmental, health, safety, security, community and life-cycle engineering factors in the circular economy.

Courses and degree programs at Colorado School of Mines (Mines) inspire students to become industry-ready engineers and scientists, appreciated for their breadth of knowledge and technical skills, work ethic, problem-solving abilities and ability to navigate in an industry and world of increasing complexity.

Mines has been ranked the number one mining school in the world (from 2016 to present) by QS World University Rankings. Holding this ranking with pride, the Mining Engineering Department at Mines has developed distinguished curricula and research programs geared towards responsible stewardship of the earth and its resources.

The Department keeps students connected to real-world issues by teaching them how to solve major technical and societal challenges first-hand. Mines graduates are in great demand by companies and government entities worldwide.

Mines provides an academic and professional blend of graduate degrees with a focus on both technical and leadership skills. In addition to technical and engineering capacity, the Mining Engineering programs also teach students to manage data, information and risks to make timely decisions with uncertain and incomplete information. They train students in decision-making regarding the implementation of new technologies, working and leading teams in solving complex problems, and building effective reciprocal relationships with stakeholders and local communities that are affected by their projects.

The Professional Masters – Mining Engineering and Management (MP-MEM)

A new addition to the Mines degree selection, the MP-MEM program focuses on the practical applications of technology, finance, management and other disciplines key to the mining industry.

Hailed by industry leaders as the key to developing a highly trained workforce in mining engineering management, you won’t find this course’s bespoke curriculum anywhere else in the world.

It delivers an integrated blend of mine-related engineering and technology, mine support services and mine-applied business and management, and also includes an independent project.  Courses are taught by seasoned faculty from industry and academia who are experienced in day-to-day mine operations and management.

“This is a one-of-a-kind program that wraps the business and management elements into a mining engineering degree that emphasizes where the industry will be in the future instead of where it has been in the past,” said Dr. Priscilla Nelson, Professor and Department Head of Mining Engineering.

Along with this new course, all Master’s and PhD programs in Mining Engineering at Mines offer a unique mix of interdisciplinary opportunities and flexible curricula for students to tailor their degree to their specific interests and goals, inevitably creating influential leaders for the mining industry.

The new Earth Resource Development Engineering (ERDE) graduate program in particular offers interdisciplinary curricula options that augment a fundamental understanding of mining engineering. ERDE is catered towards students who wish to specialize in emerging technical and social issues in Earth Resource Development Engineering, including, but not limited to, topics such as mining and sustainable development, mining related data science, and mining and the environment.

With an excellent career placement record, Mining Engineering is an exciting field due to the sheer number of possibilities it presents.

The discipline encompasses a broad spectrum of engineering skills including mechanical, electrical, civil, environmental, geophysical, computer science and others, as well as geoscience, environmental science, and social science.

Starting out with average salaries of US$77,000 and reaching as high as US$126,000, Mining Engineering graduates can undertake countless global job opportunities in manufacturing, mine planning, mine design, mine management, mine operations, marketing and more!

With a focus on preparing graduates who are industry-ready scientists and engineers known for their work ethic, problem-solving abilities and team focus, this department and the university at large is committed to sustainable practices.

Graduate programs at Mines ultimately offer a technical education, industry exposure and hands-on training in extensive laboratories and state-of-the-art facilities.

Complete with engaging student activities that provoke involvement and leadership, inclusive residential life and an assortment of arts on campus, you’ll enjoy a unique educational and US study abroad experience.

Plus, the bi-annual Career Fair gives you the chance to network with influential industry figures long before you graduate.

So, what are you waiting for?

The Colorado School of Mines and its established Mining Engineering Department has the answer to your academic and research needs.

By offering the applied knowledge and innovations needed to solve the challenges related to earth resource development and societal needs, you too will be recognized as an industry leader in mining engineering with the help of a Mines degree.

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