Future success with The University of Adelaide College
Source: The University of Adelaide College

Preparation for future success requires a series of calculated steps to ensure you get from where you are to where you want to be. While everyone is equipped with a unique set of skills and capabilities, the right environment can further nurture positive traits and mould people into the best versions of themselves.

For the youth of today, success entails more than merely achieving excellent academic results. Technological advancements are rapidly changing the way the world operates – from both a business and personal perspective – which means what works today may not necessarily suffice in the future of work.

Students must equip themselves with a ‘success toolbox’ that also encompasses a range of soft skills, improving their career prospects despite the rise of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Critical thinkers, problem solvers and sound communicators will be some of the most prized professionals of the future, while our increasingly globalised world means it pays for students to have an international experience to foster their understanding of different cultures and build their global connections.

But before all of this can take place, it helps for students to choose an institution that offers international students a supportive environment to adapt to their new country and ease into its culture which will enable them to seamlessly transition into university.

Source: Deakin College

As such, colleges and universities have a role to play in creating a conducive learning ecosystem to help students thrive. Those with a forward-thinking culture are already addressing these issues, ensuring students are poised for success – and this includes some colleges and universities across Australia and New Zealand.

Both countries are home to some of the world’s most highly regarded universities, making it an apt option for international students looking to obtain a quality education abroad. They boast of strong international communities and diverse cultures, in addition to being popular tourist destinations.

So, if you’re eager to study at an institution in Australasia that primes students for success, consider these three institutions, worthy of your investment:


If you’re looking for a pathway that paves the way for you to continue your studies at a respected university, look no further than the University of Adelaide College.

Future success with The University of Adelaide College

Source: The University of Adelaide College

The University of Adelaide College is the preferred pathway provider to undergraduate and postgraduate study at the University of Adelaide, a prestigious member of the Group of Eight and one of Australia’s highest performing institutions.  Students at the College are enrolled in University of Adelaide programmes and as such, have access to a wide range of facilities and resources at the university.

The College is the first education provider in Australia to offer a postgraduate bridging course to a Group of Eight university. Upon successful completion of the Pre-Master’s Programme (PMP), taught over two semesters, students are guaranteed entry to the second semester of their chosen postgraduate degree at the University of Adelaide.

Meanwhile, students who graduate from Foundation Studies are guaranteed entry to their choice of degree. Those who missed direct entry to their degree of choice can complete the Degree Transfer Programme (DT), where following successful completion, you’ll be guaranteed entry into the second year of your chosen degree.

Students for whom English is not their first language and who feel concerned that their lack of fluency may hinder their ability to continue their studies in Australia, should consider the College’s General Academic English (GAE) programme, which can help them develop the skills needed to become fluent speakers.

All programmes are accredited by Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA).


Deakin College offers students a direct pathway to Deakin University, ensuring a smooth transition to university. The institution offers a range of foundation, diploma and postgraduate programmes for prospective students to choose from.

Source: Deakin College

The Foundation Programme, which is equivalent to upper secondary school (Year 12) and university foundation programmes, aims to prepare students for further study in a Deakin College diploma or for entry into first year of selected Bachelor’s degrees at Deakin University. Students will also have language, literary and numeracy assistance available to help them excel in their studies.

Meanwhile, Diploma students can choose from an extensive range of courses, including Business, Commerce, Communication and Film, Television and Animation, among others.

For postgraduate studies, international students can pursue their Master’s Qualifying Programme (Business and Law), taught by the College and Deakin University’s English Language Institute (DUELI). This non-award programme is designed to provide students with a pathway to Deakin University’s postgraduate programmes in business. Successful completion of this course allows you to meet the university’s English language requirements for postgraduate study.

The college has three campuses in Australia –  one in the Victoria – the Melbourne Burwood Campus, and the others in its Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus and Geelong Waterfront Campus. It also boasts innovative teaching and learning, which contributes to the positive student experience on campus. With some 3,000 local and international students studying at the institution, you can be assured you’ll be studying in a diverse environment.


New Zealand is renowned for its stunning geographical terrains, but more than that, those seeking the perfect point to start their journey as an international student in the country may want to look into the University of Otago Language Centre and Foundation Year. The institution offers students a supportive, caring and safe environment to reach their full potential, regardless of their field of study.

Source: University of Otago

Located in Dunedin – a city known for its large student population – the centre offers expert English language tuition, academic knowledge and an entry qualification to enable students to be admitted to a New Zealand university or to improve their English language skills. This includes elementary classes for beginners, to specialty programmes that satisfy the English language requirements for entry to the University of Otago. Students also benefit from its small class sizes, which average from 12 to 14 students, with a maximum of 18.

Meanwhile, learners looking for a university entrance qualification that’s recognised by all New Zealand universities may want to opt for the Foundation Studies Certificate (FSC) under the University of Otago Foundation Year. The course prepares students for all undergraduate degrees offered at the University of Otago through the four academic divisions, namely: Commerce, Health Sciences, Humanities and Sciences. Classes are taught on campus, with students using the same facilities as University of Otago students.

Programmes aside, students here also benefit from learning within world-class facilities, flanked by friendly staff who will assist them with any problems in and outside of the classroom.

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