Clearing 2020
Future university students in the UK will only receive student finance if they update their application. Source: Bertrand Langlois/AFP

It’s normal to have a million questions before starting university. If you’re in the midst of Clearing 2020, you may have even more questions than usual.

From unexpected grades to student finance, it is a long, winding road to the institution of your dreams. It’s important to follow official guidelines and verify all information to ensure your application is successful. When it comes to money for loans or grants, there is no room for error. Here, we’ve compiled official answers from Student Finance England (SFE) to help you better navigate the maze.

Clearing 2020

Students at Newham Collegiate Sixth Form react as they receive their A-Level results in east London on August 13, 2020. Source: Tolga Akmen/AFP

Can I still apply for student finance after securing my place through Clearing 2020?

It’s not too late, but you must move fast as it will take up to six weeks to process your application. SFE will try to ensure that you receive at least a part of your student finance in time for the start of your course.

What do I do if I have already applied for student finance, but my course changes during Clearing?

A change in course, university, or college will affect how much student finance you get. Therefore, you should immediately update any changes by logging into your online account at the official site. Once you’re logged in, go to “Change your application” to update your details. This ensures you receive your student finance at the start of the term.

Do I have to submit my passport to receive student finance?

The short answer is no. If you have a valid UK passport, you can simply provide the details on your online application form. Your passport details will be automatically cross-checked against official data from the Government Identity and Passport Service.

Bear in mind that you must also agree to the terms and conditions before receiving any payment. Once your application has been processed, you can accept the terms and conditions online using a digital e-signature.

Where do I submit financial information for verification purposes?

You should know by now that your parent or partner must provide financial information to support your student finance application. They can do this online; their information will be verified with HM Revenue and Customs. You can also send additional supporting paperwork online — simply upload from your account using the new digital evidence upload service.

Need more information on student finance for Clearing 2020? Visit The Student Room or get in touch with SFE via Facebook or Twitter. Advisors are available every Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m..

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