Ten Christmas gifts perfect for your housemates 🎅
Stocking filler ideas! Source: Shutterstock

Love or hate your housemates, Christmas is still the time for giving and that includes them too. After all, you’ve gone through too many messy breakups, unwashed pots and pans and Whatsapp fights over unpaid bills. So this holiday season, why not bring some cheer to each other with these awesome gifts?

1. Laptop holder

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Who says you can’t work on your assignments in style?

2. Stuff Every College Student Should Know by Blair Thornburgh

A bible to help you survive the crazy world they call college.

3. Hangry kits

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For those late-night, last-minute cram sessions before a big exam, menstruation or just a Netflix and chill session. You can either craft one on your own with your favourite snacks or get the one above Hangry Kits on Amazon.

4. Laundry basket

For that one messy friend who is currently using the floor instead.

5. Cute backpack or luggage holder

All those trips to college, holidays and back home need something to hold them all.

6. Steal like an Artist! by Austin Kleon

Source: Amazon.com

Page after page of inspiration to get for that housemate of yours complaining about writer’s block.

7. To-do list to balance life and school

Source: Amazon.com

Get shiz done.

8. A relax kit

Source: Amazon.com

Make your own with stress balls, face masks and candles or get these from Celebrate Shop on Amazon.

9. Passive-Aggressive Notes

Source: Amazon.com

If all else fails, hey at least it’ll make you and your housemate laugh. Maybe.

10. Vacuum thermos

Save the Earth and keep your coffee hot at the same time.

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