5 easy but awesome ways to bring Christmas 🎄 to your dorm room
Bring the cheer to your dorm. Source: Shutterstock

It’s just over two weeks to Christmas – and if you haven’t done so, that’s all the reason you need to bring the holiday season to your dorm room!

No matter whether you’re still rushing that last piece of assignment, or prepping for an exam, or just waiting to the time you get to go home, it won’t hurt to make that dorm or room just that bit more cheerful.

Thing is, space can be tight and money even tighter – we get that. So, with that in mind, we scoured Pinterest (where else??) for these cheap but awesome Christmas hacks for you to take inspiration from. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Fairy Lights

Make an entire centerpiece, put these lights on your curtain, or if there isn’t any space at all, line them up like a tiny Christmas tree (with this easy-peasy guide).

2. Holiday Pillows

All you need is a US$3 Target blanket, or any festive looking cloth, follow these instructions, and you’ll have yourselves two very happy-looking but inexpensive pillow covers.

3. Trees

You can get mini trees like these on Amazon, starting from as little as US$1.40. Or go avant-garde and make one using ribbons or even tophats as your base.

4. Window stickers


Do not underestimate these unassuming guys. Use them right and you can wake up every morning to one pretty window. Amazon sells tons of these sheets of reusable window decorations in every style for less than US$5.

5. Mini stockings

Nothing works better than stockings to make you feel more at home (plus, these guys are tiny and adorable). And you can put a smile on your roommates and housemates’ faces by leaving little treats in them leading up to Christmas break too!

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