Chinese New Year
This Chinese New Year, there are many positive predictions for the zodiac signs as the Year of the White Metal Ox takes place. Source: Karen Minasyan/AFP

What do Barack Obama, George Clooney and Diana Spencer have in common? They were all born in the Year of the Ox. As we approach February 12, it’s time to set our intentions and goals for the Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year if you’re not from China) according to our Chinese zodiac signs.

The Chinese zodiac calendar is a repeating 12-year cycle — with one animal assigned to each year. It starts with the rat, followed by the ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, pig. It also has five element years: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. 

How did this come to be? Think of it like the Noah’s ark story without the flood. Here’s how the myth goes: the Lord Buddha was planning to depart Earth, all animals were summoned for a last farewell, many RSVP-ed but only 12 turned up. As a reward, each got a year named after them, according to the order that they arrived. 

Chinese New Year

As this 2021’s Chinese New Year celebrations might be slightly different due to the pandemic, the predictions remain the same. Source: Spencer Platt/AFP

Fast forward thousands of years later and here we are, approaching the year of the White Metal Ox. Just as the animal of the year you were born influences your life, so does the ruling animal of the current year. The ox represents being grounded, hard work, positivity and honesty. Unsurprisingly, astrologers are saying these will be much needed in 2021. In China, the ox is also thought of as an animal of great strength linked to harvests and fertility. Chinese geomancy, known as “feng shui,” finds this animal auspicious and with wish-granting abilities. From education to relationships, let’s see what the ox has in store for us in this Chinese New Year: 


Single oxes, are you ready to mingle (virtually)? This is the perfect year to make the first move to start an intimate relationship. Aim for more than just a fling — those one-night stands are so last year.

Less lucky are those born in the year of the monkey. Astrologers say they will have a slim chance of finding their soulmate. As for those born under the Goat sign, y’all need to stop impulsively overspending so your partners can be happy.


The Year of the Metal Ox is said to bring prosperity and wellness to all zodiac signs, including career opportunities. Those born under the Dragon sign are predicted to enjoy big profits as long as they remember to take advantage of these financial opportunities. The Tigers and Rabbits will finally be on their own two feet — financial stability is said to be on their cards. Goats will have new ideas which will be successful and great for their bank accounts.

Finally, this one applies to everyone. If you’ve been lucky enough to have landed a job after graduation this year, it’s likely you will have several new projects on your plate at work. Some of these will be challenging, and some will be interesting. It’s always good to try and work with your coworkers as the famous saying “two heads are better than one,” goes. 


If you positively manifest, you will receive. The Year of the Ox predicts that money won’t be a challenge this year. You might be even lucky to get a raise or bonus at work. Yes, this applies to all zodiac signs!

For Rats with an appetite for risks, this could lead to some windfall. Analytical dragons are set to complete projects successfully in 2021. 


Those born under the Tiger and Monkey signs will be safe from any health problems this Chinese New Year. Agitation, however, are slated to be in store for Dragons. They are expected to be exhausted throughout the year. If this is you, looking after your mental health and getting enough sleep is essential.

Chinese New Year

What Chinese zodiac sign are you? There are 12, from the rat to the dragon, each with their own set of unique traits. Source: Jorge Guerrero/AFP

Social Life

2021 is the year you will need those pillars of support from your friends. There are bound to be some stressful situations, whether it be with your studies, or not seeing your family, and so on. Simply calling a friend when you need to vent, can help tremendously by taking a weight off your shoulders. Your social life will thrive if you pay it some attention.

For those under the the Pig zodiac sign, you guys will have to tread professional relationships carefull — tenseness is in store. Reaching a common ground might be challenging, so taking a step back before making hasty decisions would be wise.

For the Tigers this Chinese New Year, it’ll be good to analyse and work hard on your relationships. Do it well, you’ll be tremendously rewarded.