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In a move determined to stop class cutting, a college in Northwest China tested students in a rather unconventional way. The students were asked to match their teacher’s name to a photograph during a final exam.

The penalty for failure? A deduction of 41 points from their test score.

China Daily reported the students’ papers featured photographs of seven people. They were instructed to select their teacher out of the line-up and write their name underneath.

Students who successfully selected and named their teacher received no extra marks. However, those who failed suffered the harsh penalty.

Sichuan Vocational College of Culture and Communication (SVCCC) decided the best way to curb skiving was to be strict on students.

SVCCC teacher Hu Teng told BTime:

“The original intention of this was to assess students’ general attitude towards study.”

“We wanted to see whether students have worked hard in class… and whether they have been paying attention to details.

“If they can’t even remember their teacher’s name, then they clearly have no interest in the curriculum.”

After the exam, students took to the popular Chinese microblogging website WeiboMany voiced concerns over failure, claiming the question was too tough.

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However, others were more confident: “I know all my teachers’ names, but I am dumbstruck at this question because I find it difficult to recognize faces,” user ‘liangboxianshi’ posted according to China Daily.

Many students were able to select the correct face but concerned about the spelling of their teacher’s name.

“This is the first time we have introduced such a question. On the one hand, we want to see whether students have worked hard in class. On the other hand, we can also know whether they have paid attention to details,” Hu Teng told China Daily.

The test was worth 30 percent of the students’ final grades.

The BBC reported this is not the first time Chinese institutions have attempted to prevent students skipping lessons. A university in Bejing introduced facial recognition technology to track students’ attendance.

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