A guide to picking the right university and course for the Chevening Scholarship 2023-24

chevening scholarship 2023
The Chevening scholarship is an opportunity for you to pursue a fully funded master’s degree course in the UK. Here's how you can pick the right university and course. Source: Damien Meyer/AFP

Are you an aspiring international student who is eyeing the Chevening Scholarship 2023 application cycle? Chances are, you are considering your university and course options for this prestigious international scholarship

After all, this is an opportunity for you to study in the UK for a year on a fully funded master’s programme, develop your knowledge and build your professional network to level up in your career.

Drawing on the advice of Chevening and its scholars, here is how you can pick the right university and course when the Chevening Scholarship 2023-24 application cycle opens on Aug. 2, 2022

Chevening Scholarship 2023-24: How to pick the right university and master’s course

1. Be aware of the eligibility requirements

As a Chevening applicant, you are allowed to pick three master’s courses that meet the following eligibility requirements as stated on Chevening’s website

  • You must study the master’s programme on a full-time basis. You are not allowed to study the programme part-time or through distance learning.
  • The programme should start in the autumn term (usually September or October).
  • It must be a taught master’s programme which leads to a master’s degree qualification.
  • You must be based in the UK.
  • The programme should last between nine to 12 months. 
  • The programme cannot be a PhD or DPhil
  • The programme cannot be taught with more than one month of study outside the UK.

In 2018, then Programme Officer Amy Mitchell-Bell shares that applicants are not restricted to applying for courses at Chevening Partner universities. Any master’s course that follows the eligibility requirements qualify for the scholarship. 

2. Utilise the course finder or application system

Faith Agboola, a Chevening scholar, encourages students to use the course finder on the Chevening website in picking their master’s course.

In her YouTube video, she shares: “I feel like that is the most reliable place to find courses because all the courses that are eligible for Chevening would be on that list, and that helps you to find what you want.”

If you would like clarification, the “Contact Us” button on Chevening’s website will allow you to ask their support staff whether a particular master’s course meets the eligibility requirements.

chevening scholarship 2023

Applicant can choose three master’s courses in their scholarship application, so it is crucial to be strategic with your course choices. Source: Joseph Prezioso /AFP

3. Be strategic about your choices

Applicants should know they do not need to apply for their choices when submitting their applications.

However, Mitchell-Bell suggests that students apply for their respective master’s courses swiftly since they must secure an unconditional offer from one of the three course choices to be awarded a Chevening Scholarship. 

Agboola also advises aspiring Chevening scholars to check the university’s website on the entry requirements for a particular master’s programme. She discourages applicants from placing high-ranking universities for all their course choices as there is a risk of students not meeting the entry requirements.

4. Understand your reason for applying for the Chevening Scholarship 2023

Gideon Olanrewaju, a Chevening alumnus from Nigeria, explains that it is essential for students to understand the value of what a prestigious scholarship can bring to their careers. 

You can start by reviewing the module choices, understanding the elements of the course, and considering the professors that are in the department of your study.

Ultimately, you should ensure that the master’s course you pick aligns with your current learning aspiration and how it can benefit or improve the work that you are doing in your home country, either “professionally or personally”.


5. Research the city that your preferred university is based at

Khalid Aldughri, a content creator, also shared his personal experience in applying for the Chevening Scholarship. One of the significant factors he considered was the location of the university. 

“You are not just going to study at the university for that year. You are going to live in that city for one year. Choosing the city can sometimes be as important as choosing the university,” he explains.

If you are interested to know about the experience of studying at these universities, the Chevening Alumni associations are a great place to start. As former scholars, their experiences will be invaluable to aspiring Chevening scholars.