US$18,000 for a BSc in Nursing programme: The cheapest countries and universities for aspiring nurses

bsc in nursing
A BSc in Nursing degree doesn't come cheap -- that is, unless you're studying at these countries. Source: AFP

Finding the cheapest country to pursue your BSc in Nursing can be difficult.

In Australia, Monash University’s Bachelor of Nursing is a three-year programme totalling around US$83,000 (123,300 Australian dollars) for those beginning in 2024. In the UK, expect to pay up to US$110,500 (86,400 pounds) for a four-year programme at the University of Glasgow

This means that aspiring nurses from India, Nigeria, and the Philippines would each need to fork out 9.2 million Indian rupees, 171.4 million nairas, and 6.5 million pesos for a UK nursing degree respectively.  

For many international students, these figures make up the entire retirement savings of their parents — if there is even one.

Although finding an affordable medical school is rare, it is not impossible. Certain countries are home to cheap medical schools for international students, with no compromise on quality. 

bsc in nursing

Japan’s not the only country in the world with dazzling sights — this picture was taken near Buda’s Castle Hill in Budapest, Hungary. Source: AFP

5 cheapest countries to study a BSc in Nursing for international students

1. Hungary

In recent years, Hungary’s educational institutes have been climbing up the global rankings. For example, the University of Szeged is ranked among the top 570 universities in the QS World University Rankings 2025.

The tuition fees to study nursing in Hungary roughly totals US$24,800 for four years or eight semesters. The University of Debrecen, University of Szeged and University of Pécs are some medical schools that offer a BSc in Nursing with low tuition fees. 

Living in Hungary is comparably more affordable than in other European countries. The Big Mac Index, a measure of comparing the purchasing power parity between countries, lists Hungary at 70 out of 78, making it a clear indication that international students won’t have to break the bank when it comes to living expenses too. 

bsc in nursing

Studying in Poland also means enjoying all the sights and experiences the country has to offer. Source: AFP

2. Poland

Located in the centre of Europe, Poland is often overshadowed as a study destination by its neighbours to the west. However, those seeking an affordable BSc in Nursing programme shouldn’t make the same mistake as others.

A three-year programme at the Medical University of Silesia costs around US$18,000, and the same programme at the Medical University of Gdańsk goes up to US$19,000.

On the Big Mac Index, Poland ranks 52 out of 78, though it is notably still one of the cheaper European countries to visit and live in. English speakers won’t have too big of a problem picking up Polish thanks to the language’s use of Latin alphabets. Plus, having it as a second or third language will be a bonus on your CVs considering Poland’s developing status as a major European economy.

bsc in nursing

Not only is it a progressive country, Norway also has some of the most beautiful landscapes around the world. Source: AFP

3. Norway

While Norway has begun to implement tuition fees for international students, pursuing your studies here is still relatively cheap. 

The BSc in Nursing programme at VID Specialised University costs up to US$4,600 for three years of studies. The catch here is that the programme is taught entirely in Norwegian, so you’ll want to factor in a year’s time and living expenses if you need to learn the language.

Beyond that, it’s little wonder why international students in Norway are among the happiest in Europe. Living in one of the most progressive places in the world, with a track record of upholding human rights and cultural freedom for all its residents, can mean a lot for those who come from countries with stricter laws and regulations. 

BSc in Nursing

If you’re looking for one of the cheapest countries to pursue a BSc in Nursing, why not try Malaysia? Source: AFP

4. Malaysia

A 2023 research by the Utility Bidder UK affordability index, which is based on the average cost of electricity, gas and housing benchmarked to income levels for cross-country comparisons, named Malaysia as the fourth most affordable country amongst the 29 countries surveyed.

With that, a four-year BSc in Nursing degree from UCSI University costs up to US$22,100, while IMU University totals roughly US$19,555.

Luckily for international students, most Malaysians speak and understand English fluently despite the national language being Malay, so you won’t have too big of a problem adapting to life here. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the sheer diversity the country has to offer — from culture to cuisine, sights to sounds, a four-year degree might not even be enough to experience it all.

bsc in nursing

There’s a sense of prestige to be able to study in the UK. Thankfully, not all universities require you to break the bank. Source: AFP

5. UK

If you’re still determined to go to the UK, there are still options. While they’re significantly more expensive than the previous countries and universities on this list, the price difference is merely due to the territory and exchange rate.

Consider the University of Wolverhampton, Glasgow Caledonian University, and Middlesex University London, where annual tuition fees start from as low as US$19,000 per year and totalling to around US$57,000 for a typical three-year programme. 

If staying and working in the UK after graduation is part of your plan, we’ve got good news for you. The nursing programmes at universities like Glasgow Caledonian University will allow you to apply for registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council. You can also apply for various positions in the National Health Service — the UK’s state care health system.

Disclaimer: This article was last updated on July 10, 2024.