canadian student visa
Visto, a Toronto-based tech firm, has created a platform integrating ChatGPT into the visa application process. Source: Ahmad Yusni/AFP

Great news for international students in Canada: you can now utilise ChatGPT when completing your Canadian student visa applications.

Visto, a Toronto-based tech firm, has created a platform integrating the chatbot into the visa application process. 

With this, CEO and immigration lawyer Josh Schachnow told PIE News that students could create study plans from scratch or use the tool to generate a draft “within about 10 seconds.”

Schachnow also explained that the platform is also designed to help immigration lawyers and consultants who work with international students to create visa applications. 

“Applying for a student visa is challenging for international students because there are so many different requirements that need to be completed,” Schachnow shared. 

canadian student visa

Students can now utilise artificial intelligence for their visa applications. (Photo by Daniel SLIM / AFP)

The future of Canadian student visa application: What’s next with Visto?

The platform has reportedly gone through a few rounds of testing to ensure the accuracy of this tool.

Visto’s in-house engineers, a group of former international students who have applied for a Canadian student visa, and immigration professionals are working together to provide constructive feedback before the launch. 

“The most consistent piece of feedback we’ve got from our beta testers is around the lines of ‘I wish this existed when I was going through the process’, which comes from our beta testers who are now in Canada and were able to compare Visto to doing it ‘the old way’,” says Schachnow. 

Visto was founded by immigration specialists and technologists passionate about simplifying the immigration process with artificial intelligence (AI).

Statistics from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) show that the country is still dealing with a backlog of 2.1 million immigration applicationsCIC News reports. 

Slow visa processing times and high rejection rates in student visa applications have caused controversy, according to PIE News.