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After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering in India, Kalyani Dawkhar quickly worked her way up to a leadership position at a local outsourcing organisation. Here, she noticed one critical factor to the ongoing operations of the organisation: information technology.

Kalyani’s natural curiosity saw her observe how information technology improves enterprises by providing electronic security, storage, and efficient communication. In an ever-evolving technological age, she was inspired to pursue a postgraduate qualification in this field.

For Kalyani, studying in Australia made perfect sense. Her husband had already begun a career in the opportunity-filled country. So, with his support, she began looking into universities that could satisfy her curiosity. When she found out Charles Darwin University — a top 100 university globally for quality education — offered a brand new course, the Master of Information Technology specialising in Information Systems and Data Science, she was sold.

“This programme would allow me to specialise in both information systems and data science,” Kalyani explains. “The other programmes I explored were not as multidisciplinary. Furthermore, joining CDU meant joining a connected community, a home away from home.”

It was the perfect backdrop to balance out the rigours of a comprehensive, highly technical curriculum. The qualification Kalyani chose focuses on information systems and data science that affects the modern world. It consists of core units, thesis research units and elective units. The thesis can be delivered within a university, industry or government setting.

“The topic for my thesis is the impact of distance learning on students,” she says. “I chose Dr. Jamal El-Den as a supervisor not only because of his excellent teaching methods but also his knowledge and experience. His guidance has been amazing.”

Such opportunities are also open to CDU’s Master of Data Science students as well. This programme enables those interested in IT and Network Engineering to develop advanced technical and analytical skills to manage and interpret valuable insights from massive data sets. Compulsory core units comprise Software Now, the Foundations of Data Science, Database Concepts, Business Intelligence, Project Management, Machine Learning, and much more.

Charles Darwin University

Source: Charles Darwin University – Kalyani Dawkhar with peers

CDU’s “Software Now” lessons deeply intrigued Kalyani. “I remember playing the Nokia game, Snake as a child,” she recalls. “This course taught me about the logic that was used to develop such a massive game. By the end of the semester, I was able to create something similar.”

Both qualifications open doors to infinite possibilities — especially since CDU programs are tailored to industry demand and delivered through state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies.

CDU ranks first in Australia for learner engagement in computing and IT and is the #1 Australian university for postgraduate full-time employment outcomes (Good Universities Guide 2022).

Students who choose to pursue the Master of Information Technology or Master of Data Science can do so at CDU’s campus in Sydney with a 30% scholarship for Semester 2 2022 (conditions apply). Here, you will experience state-of-the-art classrooms, a library, a modern computer lab, student lounges, and approachable faulty members and student support.

It is strategically located in Australia’s biggest city, which is considered to be one of the world’s most dynamic, vibrant and multicultural. It is also home to a dynamic Central Business District — where numerous global technology titans are currently based.

Charles Darwin University

Source: Charles Darwin University – Kalyani Dawkhar

Gaining the confidence to take on experiential opportunities amidst the hustle and bustle has never been easier, thanks to CDU’s connected community. The “CDU Buddy Program” serves as a warm welcome — an initiative run by CDU Global for international students.

“I have been a senior buddy twice now, and I have already registered the third time,” says Kalyani. “Through it, I’ve made friends from all over the world, like China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and more. So many students arrive with questions, and I am pleased to satisfy their curiosity.”

She has noticed many students are especially curious about the program she chose and whether or not they will be able to adapt to the exams and assignments it comes with. Kalyani is always more than happy to share that every professor has been happy to help her during her time at CDU, and every course can be conquered with the right mindset. Several women have benefited from her reassurance, and many are excited to follow in her footsteps with a STEM qualification from CDU.

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