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Canterbury School: Small boarding school, big opportunities

Canterbury School is a remarkable place for ambitious young learners looking to develop the deep self-awareness and broad global perspective needed for a prosperous, fulfilling life. It’s hard not to gain such traits while part of a connected community that is proud to live and learn in harmony — on a campus packed with excitement. 

Throughout the year, giggles, cheers and discussions fill the air as students celebrate International T-Shirt Day by selling custom attires and donating the proceeds to Africa; use Juneteenth as a day to reflect and recommit to their school’s values of equity and justice; take turns drawing henna art on each other during Spring Carnival; belt “Don’t Stop Believing” in unison at the Jazz and Rock Music Festival; and try quail eggs together for the first time during International Week. This is what it means to be a part of the Canterbury family. 

Located in the quaint town of New Milford, Connecticut — only 150 miles from Boston and 85 miles from New York City —  Canterbury is a college preparatory, coeducational boarding, and day school for students in grades nine to 12. Here, an extraordinary community of faculty — who also serve as coaches, dorm parents, and advisors — works tirelessly to know students well. Their commitment allows 320 learners, representing 16 countries, to discover their full potential in and out of the classroom. 

An educational experience like none other

Canterbury students can access a wide range of opportunities within a small and welcoming community — the very kind that spark academic rigour, athletic development, artistic enrichment, and spiritual growth. 

A set of Five Values — Honesty, Respect, Compassion, Spirituality, and Self-Reliance — inspires everything the Canterbury community does. Woven throughout every aspect of learning and living here, these values are key to the overall experience of personal growth that truly differentiates a Canterbury education.

“As the best small boarding school, Canterbury invites you to participate in the most comprehensive version of a high school experience as students, athletes, artists, community members, and servant leaders,” says Head of School Rachel Stone. “As a Saint, you will grow, contribute, and lead in transformational ways. You will learn that Saints show up for Saints. And you will call our hilltop your home.”

From the moment they arrive on campus, students are invited to participate in the school community and the world around them. They start by leveraging the D’Amour Centre for Faith, Service, and Justice, where they explore community service, campus ministry, spirituality, social justice, and leadership programming. The centre hosts many activities, retreats, discussion groups and prayerful meditation throughout the day. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions that matter, reflect upon conversations in their community and make a difference.

True change-making can only take flight with the right intellectual tools, which is why Canterbury’s curriculum is rigorous and dynamic — with a broad selection of elective offerings as well as more than 50 Advanced Placement (AP) and Honours classes. On top of that, Canterbury offers students the unique chance to take Syracuse University Project Advance courses to earn college credits recognised at 80% of colleges and universities in the US.

Canterbury School

Every child needs the right programme and environment to reach their full potential – something that Canterbury truly understands. Source: Canterbury School

At Canterbury, the strong relationship between teacher and students form the foundation of their academic programme. With a 6:1 student-to-faculty ratio, the small class setting lets every student enjoy individual attention and receive personalised support. A comprehensive leadership training programme, focusing on the value of collaboration, is paired with the small classroom learning experience to nurture future leaders with a desire to serve others and improve the world. They do not just live and learn — but lead too.

Whether as team captain, proctors, sacristan, club founder or community service participant,  they learn the best form of leadership: uplifting those around them. They pursue a collaborative type of leadership, guided by values and a desire to improve the world. 

“Our students will play a meaningful, responsible role within our community; among classmates, teammates, and dormmates specifically; and throughout all the spaces in between,” shares Stone. “Your child has unlimited opportunities to develop as a leader.”

A solid foundation for future success

Throughout their journey at the school, Canterbury students are equipped with the skills they need to succeed in college and beyond. These include critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication, and a solid foundation in digital literacy. Focused on allowing students to find their own voices, the school introduces concepts from different perspectives to enable students to elaborate on their ideas while engaging in meaningful discussions with their peers. 

Canterbury School

At Canterbury, the opportunities to learn are endless. Source: Canterbury School

The Digital Communication, Design, and Innovation programme is a prime example. It is designed to bridge computer programming, digital media, engineering, and visual arts in one unique academic department. This unique programme emphasises on innovation and the design thinking process that prepare students to function as developers and managers of digital application and content — with a focus on the development, use, and management of computer science and communication technologies. Courses cover various subjects, including instruction in security, policy, programming, and robotics, as well as the design and development of digital animation, photography, audio, and video.

Most of this magic occurs at the Steers Centre, a 22,000 square-foot building that houses highly flexible classrooms, Innovation & Design and Digital Media Labs, a welcoming student centre – the Commons – and a café. These spaces inspire creative learning, weaving elements of design thinking, fabrication, and ideation into subject areas spanning the humanities, arts, and science. 

At this creative hub, as with everywhere else on its 150-acre campus, the possibilities are limitless for Canterbury students. To learn more about how Canterbury School offers the best small boarding school experience, click here.

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