4 Canadian universities with high acceptance rates

canadian universities with high acceptance rate
High acceptance rate are a good start to help you pick the right uni, but do consider other factors such as cost and the available programme. Source: Daniel Slim/AFP

Are you planning to study in Canada? If so, knowing which Canadian universities with high acceptance rate is an excellent way to guide you in choosing the right uni. 

After all, Canada has remained a popular international student hub — for good reasons. 

The people are unlike its famously cold weather — they are friendly and warm. Canadian companies like Google Canada are eager to hire foreign talents.

There is also a wide range of post-graduate work opportunities — making Canada a good place for international students to find their futures. 

Acceptance rates, though, are just some of the factors you should consider when picking a uni.

The country’s top-ranked universities — which tend to have higher acceptance rates — often cost more. 

Tuition fees for undergraduate programmes at McGill University, for example, can range from 31,000 to 63,000 Canadian dollars per year.

That’s not considering the amount you would have to spend on accommodation, food, and travel. 

Whether you have the means to splurge or are searching for a more affordable option, here are some unis you can consider.

The estimated acceptance rates are sourced from BeMo Academic Consulting

canadian universities with high acceptance rate

At these Canadian universities with high acceptance rates, you have up to a 93% chance of getting admitted. Source: Daniel Slim/AFP

4 Canadian universities with high acceptance rates

University of Lethbridge

Acceptance rate: 93%

Students with a GPA of 3.0 are guaranteed admission. The uni also considers those with a lower GPA in the second round of admissions. 

Here, classes are small, allowing students to network, interact, and learn from passionate professors.

Those passionate about research will love the collaborative environment between faculty and students at the uni.

It costs around CA$20,290 to pursue a bachelor’s degree at the University of Lethbridge. 

University of Winnipeg

Acceptance rate: 75%

Located in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, the University of Winnipeg is best for those enthusiastic about tech.

Many small and medium-sized tech companies are based in Winnipeg, providing a wealth of opportunities to new graduates looking for jobs.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme also provides international students who graduate in Manitoba a pathway to secure a permanent residence visa. 

The University of Winnipeg prides itself on offering the lowest tuition fees. Generally, tuition fees for international students pursuing a bachelor’s degree start from CA$13,315.

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Acceptance rate: 67%

This might not be a university that comes to mind when you think about Canadian universities with high acceptance rates.

But Memorial University of Newfoundland is a favourite among international students because of its low tuition cost.

Tuition fees for their graduate programmes start from as low as CA$6,654

Hence, it’s not surprising that more than 19,000 students from over 115 countries have called Memorial University of Newfoundland home. 

The uni is also one of the top 20 research institutions in Canada and has received more than CA$130 million in funding between 2019 and 2020.

This means that students have the chance to work with world-renowned researchers.

Brandon University

Acceptance rate: 47%

While Brandon University has a lower overall acceptance rate, it has one of the most direct admission processes.  

Campus is nestled in a small city in the province of Manitoba which provides a quaint and intimate student experience. 

The university is home to six faculties and schools, covering the Arts, Education, Graduate Studies, Science, Health Studies and Music.

It is relatively well-known as one of the best universities to pursue music in Canada. 

Fees for international students at Brandon University depend on the number of credits taken.

For the 2022-23 year, three credit hours cost CA$2,117.93, while programmes with 30 credit hours cost CA$17,921.10.