Canada Student Service Grant
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrives on Parliament Hill to attend a sitting of the Special Committee on COVID-19 on May 20. He announced the Canada Student Service Grant scheme on June 25. Source: Dave Chan/AFP

Canada’s federal government has launched the Canadian Student Service Grant, which will pay post-secondary students up to 5,000 Canadian dollars to volunteer this summer.

“Students are facing unique challenges this summer due to the pandemic. At the same time, many are wondering how they can help in the fight against COVID-19,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“So,┬átoday, we’re launching the new Canada student service grant, which will allow post-secondary students and recent grads to gain valuable experience while also contributing to their communities.”

Trudeau chose the WE Charity will administer the CA$900 million Canadian Student Service Grant. The charitable organisation will be responsible for screening, onboarding, training, and matching volunteers to suitable opportunities.

WE Charity will also disburse the grants at the end of summer.

Canada Student Service Grant

You can access jobs covered by the Canada Student Service Grant on the I Want to Help platform. Source: I Want to Help

Over 20,000 opportunities on “I Want to Help” platform

Here’s how it works. Not-for-profit organisations will list volunteer opportunities to the newly-launched I Want to Help platform. Then, students will be able to search and apply for opportunities in their communities.

An estimated 20,000 openings will be made available, with “tens of thousands” more to come over summer, according to the Prime Minister’s website.

Students can rest assured that only high-quality placements will be posted on this platform. They will come from registered charities supporting Canada’s response to COVID-19.

These opportunities will be for a minimum of two hours per week for four weeks. All volunteers must also adhere to public health requirements in carrying out their duty.

What work will I do for the Canadian Student Service Grant?

Canadian students can earn the grant with a range of volunteer work battling COVID-19. This includes mask making, tutoring, researching animal behaviour and designing exercise programmes for seniors.

Canada Student Service Grant

Secondary school students leave Central Collegiate Institute in London, Ontario in March for a government-imposed three-week break to curb the spread of COVID-19. Source: Geoff Robins/AFP

Am I eligible for the Canadian Student Service Grant?

The CSSG grant covers CA$1,000 payment for every 100 hours worked. Therefore, you can earn CA$5,000 if you complete 500 hours from June 25 till October 31.

Students must meet all criteria below to qualify for this grant.

  • 30 years of age or younger;
  • Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or a student with refugee status;
  • enrolled in and attending post-secondary education during the spring, summer, or fall 2020 semesters;
  • recent post-secondary graduates (no earlier than December 2019); or
  • studying abroad and currently residing in Canada.

Register by Aug. 21 and submit your completed CSSG applications by Nov. 6 to get your grant payment.

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