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Canadian International School of Beijing: Welcoming community, great results

Visit 38 Liangmaqiao Road in Chaoyang District on any day, and you’ll see students winning awards, playing badminton, practising for recitals and more. Flags from more than 50 countries fly from the entrance, each representing the home countries of students and staff.

In classrooms, students engage in a wide range of disciplines that they are genuinely interested in, especially considering their university and career pathways. These are the students of the Canadian International School of Beijing, an IB World School within minutes of many embassies.

CISB stands out from other international schools in the city as it is one of the few schools in Beijing providing the full International Baccalaureate (IB) continuum. Students here benefit from the holistic learning experience that begins from Montessori Nursery to Primary Years Programme (PYP), followed by the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP).

The world-class IB programmes, combined with the extremely supportive staff, lead students to outstanding performance on exams.

IB Diploma Programme students scored an average of 37 in the past three years (more than five points above the global average). The school was selected two years consecutively as one of the “Best International Schools” in Beijing in recognition of their commitment to the highest quality standard by diplomats at an event organised by the Global Times.

“As the Head of School/AKD Academic Superintendent, I am very proud of our students, staff, school and school community,” says Prescott. “Our staff truly get to know their students — their strengths and areas for growth. We get to know our parents and put into practice our school motto, ‘Together is Better.’ We value our students and their families and are proud of our CISB school family and in other words, our school community. We are known as a school with heart, because we do care deeply for our students and their needs and do all we can to best meet those needs.”

Canadian International School of Beijing

Education at CISB starts as early as 18 months at the Montessori Kindergarten. Source: Canadian International School of Beijing

CISB offers the IB along with a world-recognised Canadian programme. Graduates can qualify to receive two diplomas that open doors to top universities worldwide. “Each year, we are proud to have 100% graduation success with entrance into top universities in Canada, UK, US, etc. and scholarships in excess of eight million Chinese Yuan,” says Prescott.

Class of 2022 graduates Albert Huang, Vivian Leng and Wanda Gao exemplify the kind of success stories CISB produces. All scored 43 out of 45 points. They are set to join universities the likes of the University of Hong Kong and the University of Toronto.

Linda Li, a senior student at CISB, is predicted to score a 43 for her IB score. Having studied here for seven years, she has won many awards. “Currently, I’ve received academic scholarships for three continuous years,” she says. “During grade eleven, I received academic excellence awards in Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology. Additionally, I was awarded female athlete of the year last year and received MVP in both volleyball and soccer,” she shares.

More profound is how Li is growing as a person. “It’s always been a growing journey for me at CISB because it provided me with numerous opportunities along the way,’ she says. “Teachers in the school are really supportive of our academic journeys and that is the reason that led to my success in school.”

Multilingualism and intercultural understanding are core to the IB’s mission as well. The ideal IB graduate has an open mind and an open heart. They speak a second language. They can live and work with others at home and abroad.

Canadian International School of Beijing

CISB mentoring programme provides students with a guidance counsellor and an experienced and attentive staff to help all new students transition into the school. Source: Canadian International School of Beijing

CISB realises this mission through its Bilingual and Multilingual Learners (BML) programme.

“I struggled with phonics but now my phonics is good,” says Cedrick, a grade 5 student. “I like my BML reading because I can find a lot of funny things in the stories.”

Studying on a campus that’s like a “small United Nations” only makes it easier for students to become future global citizens. “We role model for our students what respect looks like in action and daily practices. Respect, in simple terms, is accepting a person for who they are regardless of if they are different from you or if they have a differing opinion,” says Prescott.

“When we show respect in our relationships with each other, feelings of trust are established. I have heard it said that trust is the glue of society, as its presence cements relationships. When trust is present, people are able to live and work together in harmony, feeling safe and accepted within any group or setting.”

Visit CISB’s website here to find out how students are being equipped with the essential knowledge, skills and personal qualities that will enable them to do well in a constantly changing world.

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