Canada grants for students
Scholarships — big or small — can make a difference. Here are some scholarships for women worth keeping an eye out on. Source: Money Sharma/AFP

International women who want a springboard for their future success might want to consider the following Canada grants for students. We’re seeing an increasing number of women breaking the glass ceiling, be it in their representation in C-suite roles to the growing number of females amassing their wealth through business endeavours. For this to happen, the right education that arms them with the right knowledge and skills had probably helped them spread their wings.

The country is home to many world-renowned universities, while there are also opportunities to work in the country during and after your studies. The right programme that complements your personal and professional interests can also help future international women leaders brush up on their hard and soft skills. 

Women making strides

international women

Women representation in emerging C-suite positions are increasing. Source: Jalaa Marey/AFP

McKinsey & Company’s Women in the Workplace 2019 report has found that more women hold leadership positions in the US since 2015. “This is particularly true in the C-suite, where the representation of women has increased from 17% to 21%,” it said. “Today, 44% of companies have three or more women in their C-suite, up from 29% of companies in 2015.”

A Deloitte report, “Women in the C-suite,” found that emerging C-suite roles have a higher representation of women than any other leadership category. Emerging leadership roles include chief analytics officer, chief brand officer, chief customer experience officer, chief data officer, and chief digital officer, to name a few.

“Overall in 2019, women accounted for 32.5% of emerging C-suite leaders, compared with 27% in traditional C-suite roles, and 20.3% of those in management roles one to three levels below the C-suite. Across a 10-year average, women accounted for 32.7% of emerging roles versus 21.9% of traditional C-suite positions,” it said.

It’s clear that things are looking up for women, but there’s still much headway to be made. In light of International Women’s Day 2021, Study International has compiled a list of Canada grants for students plus scholarships for international women that are typically offered each year to inspire our next generation of female leaders. 

Margaret McNamara Education Grants: US-Canada Programme

The MMEG grants are targeted at women from developing countries. Some of the general eligibility criteria include:

  • Be a self-identifying woman, and at least 25 years old at time of application deadline
  • Be a national of a country listed on the MMEG Country Eligibility List (except for the Trinity Washington University programme)
  • Be enrolled in eligible universities (as certificate, undergraduate, graduate, or postdoc students)
  • Not be related to a World Bank Group, International Monetary Fund or Inter-American Development Bank staff member or spouse

In addition to the general eligibility criteria, you must also be enrolled as a full-time student with a relevant student visa and plan to continue studying full time in the following academic year. You must not hold a Canadian citizenship or a Canadian landed immigrant status. Applications are accepted between September 15 and January 15. 

P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship Fund

The International Peace Scholarship Fund is a programme that provides scholarships for selected women from other countries for graduate study in the US or Canada. It is based upon demonstrated need and is not intended to cover all academic or personal expenses. At the time of application, the applicant is required to indicate additional financial resources adequate to meet her estimated expenses.

The maximum amount awarded to a student is US$12,500, but lesser amounts may be awarded according to individual needs. The Eligibility Form for the 2022-23 term of study will be available online between Sept. 15 and Dec. 15, 2021.  

International Scholarship for Women (ISW) 

The ISW is an award granted to women studying at a recognised Canadian or US university for full-time research or study. It is sponsored by SheBegan Women’s Magazine. It’s worth noting that due to COVID-19, ISW has cancelled recruiting a new batch of students due to “delays in operations,” but you might want to keep an eye out for this scholarship next year.