Campbell College: Perfectly blending affordability with global excellence
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Campbell College: Perfectly blending affordability with global excellence

Campbell College, nestled in the lively city of Belfast, the capital and largest city of Northern Ireland, offers more than just an education to its students. It provides a platform for boys to explore their many interests, backed by plenty of support both inside and outside the classroom. Regardless of where they are on their learning journey, the college inspires boys to be the best they can be. It cares not about where a student starts, but where they finish – putting their progress as top priority. 

From its breathtaking coastal setting on the Island of Ireland, the HMC day and boarding school has drawn up to 150 boarders as it amasses global recognition as a top school that truly celebrates the individual. Welcoming students from 30 different nationalities, this home away of home stands out for its rich mix of cultures that creates a vibrant environment and enriches the educational experience. 

This pairs well with its robust British curriculum. Students here gain a well-rounded education while benefiting from various perspectives and backgrounds. This diversity paves the way for engaging classroom discussions and equips students with vital skills of tolerance and respect, cultivating a sense of global citizenship.

Campbell College values the progress and growth of each student. Source: Campbell College

Empowering students to excel in a dynamic world

At Campbell College, every student is regarded for their potential, rather than being defined by a grade or label. The college fosters academic success and cultivates a genuine passion for learning. To optimise the growth of their students, the college continually adapts its teaching methods to meet the demands of the modern world. This commitment is exemplified through the college’s significant investments in digital learning programmes, ensuring that their teaching practices align with the digital era.

Full support is available every step of the way. The college’s Learning Support Department provides individual advice, one-to-one help, group support, guidance to teaching and support staff, and exam access arrangements. Whether students enter the college with diagnosed difficulties or are identified through observation by teachers, Campbell College embraces an open-door policy and serves as mentors to help students reach their potential.

While academic achievements are crucial, the college also values the progress and growth of each student on their learning journey. A well-rounded lifestyle is important, hence why each student is encouraged to take part in sports, arts, and other extracurricular opportunities — for which there are many on its expansive 100-acre campus.

On-site sporting facilities include 11 rugby pitches, two Astro-turf hockey pitches, a 25-metre swimming pool, five cricket squares, indoor gymnasiums, a shooting range, and a lake. With such a broad selection, every student can find activities that align with their interests and passions. The college’s exceptional sports facilities have served as a source of support for many students who have gone on to become celebrated Olympians, such as David Calvert, Patrick Huston, Andrew Bree, Julie Parkes, and Peter Carruth.

Campbell College

Campbell College has seamlessly integrated the Sixth Form Centre, Study Hall, and Careers Department, fostering an ideal learning environment for students. Source: Campbell College

Enriching Sixth Form experience

Campbell College understands that boys perform better in active learning. To cater to diverse needs and abilities, the college offers 28 GCSE, 23 A Level, and five BTEC (vocational) subjects. 

Small classes let these subjects come to life. Teachers go above and beyond regular lessons, giving additional tuition and assistance, including organised revision classes and one-to-one guidance. This commitment bears good results: students at Campbell College achieve one grade higher in each subject at GCSE compared to the average UK school.

Moving up to Sixth Form, these students then get access to a comprehensive range of Careers Education, Information, Advice, and Guidance (CEIAG) services. These include Careers Lessons, work experience opportunities, Higher Education profiling, interview skills training, and mock assessments. Students also participate in university visits, presentations, guidance interviews, application assistance, and use careers software resources. 

Campbell College

The college has a dedicated pastoral care system that helps every border excel. Source: Campbell College/Facebook

Ensuring every boarder has the opportunity to achieve their best

The college believes that students thrive academically when they feel content, safe, and confident in their surroundings. To make that a reality, Campbell College has established a dedicated pastoral care system. This system entails a collaborative effort among Personal Tutors, Heads of Year, Heads of Key Stage, and Housemasters, ensuring that students receive extensive support in all aspects of their well-being, academic progress, and involvement in co-curricular activities.

Strong character development is just as important here. Each student is assigned to a tutor group led by a dedicated personal tutor who remains with them throughout their college journey. This personal tutor serves as the initial point of contact for parents and fosters strong relationships between tutors, parents, and students, ultimately contributing to the personal growth of students.

Such excellence and endeavours have led Campbell College to be renowned for its exceptional pastoral care, earning high praise from parents, students and graduates.

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