By 2020, you could learn at one of these legendary Japanese universities in Malaysia
From Japan to Malaysia, these university branches may be arriving soon! Source: Sean Kong/Unsplash


Are you currently living or planning to live in Malaysia and are huge fan of Japan?

If so, here is some exciting news to share…

Dr. Maszlee, Education Minister of Malaysia, recently announced that three Japanese universities have plans to branch out into Malaysia!

As he explains in the recent WORLDOFBUZZ article,One of the oldest and most comprehensive research universities in Japan, Tsukuba University is one of the three, the other two being Nippon Designers School and Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University.”

“Tsukuba University is estimated to start its operations in 2020 while Nippon Designers School may start as early as next year,” he adds.

Over the years, Malaysia has evolved into an international education hub. With so many universities interested in setting up their branch campuses there, the country has attracted students from all over the world.

Leading advantages to higher education in Malaysia is that the English language is widely spoken, there is a high number of inexpensive accommodation options and it is a diverse, unique and incredible experience for students that hope to travel around Asia while studying abroad.

Due to its increase in notoriety, it’s no surprise that these Japanese universities are ready to build their branches there and that the Ministry of Education is already seeking out the best location to establish these campuses.

These three universities are racing ahead to branch out in Malaysia. Source: Giphy

As a country that revels in diversity and multiculturalism, it’s a great opportunity for both local and international students looking to enjoy the academic fruits of Japan and Malaysia.

By establishing these three prime Japanese branches, many new doors will open to current and future generations of young learners.

For instance, an increase in study exchange trips, a heightened sense of cultural awareness and an appreciation for dynamic education systems.

This won’t just benefit students who study in Malaysia, it will also be beneficial to students based in Japan who are seeking a new lease of life.

If this news interests you and you want to mix up your higher education experience, why not opt for a world-class Japanese university in the heart of Malaysia?

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