BTS members
Six out of seven members of K-pop group BTS are graduates or students of Global Cyber University. Source: Theo Wargo/AFP

Global Cyber University (GCU) is one of Korea’s newest and most innovative universities. As one of Korea’s most affordable universities, GCU is known for nurturing creative individuals, communicating with the world and helping every individual student achieve their fullest potential. 

It’s also making waves as the university that cultivated the talents of six out of seven BTS members, all of whom have gained worldwide recognition for their music, but also for their humility and relatability.

Fondly referred to as Korea’s “BTS University,” GCU has graduated international BTS members RM, Suga and J-Hope, while Jimin, V and Jungkook are currently in the midst of their studies. Their major? A fresh and exciting Entertainment and Media programme. 

The department that planted the roots of success for these BTS members

The programme is led by GCU’s Department of Entertainment and Media, a faculty that is designed around creating the next generation of entertainers. Here, students learn from programmes that learn from the success of Korean media and entertainment that have taken the world by storm. 

Jungkook, RM, and Jimin are all graduates or students of GCU. Source: Kevin Winter/AFP

Each programme is as unique as it is comprehensive, training future artists in vocal and entertainment, entertainment and media, and entertainment production. They learn in a real-life training environment through GCU’s Ilchi Art Hall, an open studio, performance, concert, festival and convention space. Students get the chance to produce global content as part of their programmes, including producing films, recordings, and worldwide broadcasts.

GCU also provides more general courses including public speaking, body conditioning, and cultural marketing. This focus on character building ensures that above all, artists remain sincere and authentic in their craft whilst navigating the reality behind being a performer. 

There’s flexibility in the way students learn, allowing them to attend classes according to when and where they are able to. This means that students are free to pursue open auditions and partake in projects that they may not get the chance to at a conventional university. 

What sets GCU apart, though, is its distinctive focus on preparing students for a future in the public eye. Outside of basic musical and dance training, students can also take classes in camera acting, video music, and digital music. Future entertainment producers are coached through what it takes to make a star, guiding them through the ins and outs of how the Korean entertainment industry works. 

This is only possible through GCU’s network of instructors, most of whom are active members of the entertainment indsutry. Through this, students are constantly exposed to a multitude of opportunities, including broadcast movie casting, open auditions, and exclusive in-house mentoring. 

BTS has found major international success and performed at the Grammys multiple times. Source: Kevin Winter/AFP

Underlining everything is a deep respect for the Korean music and media scene that have enraptured the world. One look at the university’s website says it all — GCU is wholeheartedly dedicated to producing students that are not only equipped to chase success, but to share Korea’s cultural impact with the rest of the world. 

Outside of the world of entertainment, GCU offers a variety of other programmes in social welfare, counselling psychology, brain education convergence, AI convergence, and sports and health, among others. They’re actively welcoming international students who wish to learn more about Korean culture, and, perhaps most distinctly, how it has managed to make its mark on the world. 

Programmes are taught in Korean, but international students shouldn’t worry if they are not fluent in the language. There are courses that centre around learning Korean, including Korean communication methods and a study of Korean culture. 

Overall, it seems an exciting place to study for future rising stars. With the combination of flexibility, innovation and youth, it’s no wonder that the majority of BTS members chose GCU to guide them towards success.