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Branksome Hall Asia: Letting girls take center stage as they learn and grow

“Branksome Hall Asia residences have a communal living philosophy that is based on; responsibility, respect, safety, spirit, freedom and unity. Each residence tailors their programs to suit its residents. This is most important, as each cohort and combination of individuals will bring with them a range of different needs and talents, making a unique community of its own.” 

-Statement from the four Heads of House at Branksome Hall Asia-

Jeju Island, off the coast of South Korea is a UNESCO world heritage site. More than five million people travel annually to this much-loved volcanic paradise.

Jeju is known for its rugged coastline, lined with sprinkling waterfalls and rich breath-taking views. It is also home to the rocks of the Hallasan shield volcano – a force that reigns over the 224km forest expanse of the sub-tropical Hallasan National Park. The meandering tunnels of the Jeju Lava Tubes are known to be the longest of their kind in the natural world. The bountiful treasures of this island are enough to ignite the imaginations of eager nature lovers from all four corners of the globe.

At the heart of this much-loved getaway is Branksome Hall Asia, an IB World girls’ school that welcomes students from Junior Kindergarten Prep to Grade 12. Branksome Hall Asia was established in 2012 as the sister of the respected Branksome Hall, a 114-year old independent girls’ school in Toronto, Canada. Branksome Hall is consistently cited as one of the world’s best boarding schools. As an institution that shares the same vision, mission and values that made Branksome Hall Canada reknown, Branksome Hall Asia empowers young women worldwide through exceptional teaching, in purpose built state-of-the-art facilities and with a commitment to support its students for them to discover their “remarkable”.

To ensure residential students make the most of their Home Away from Home, Branksome Hall Asia’s ambitious applicants and their parents are interviewed to determine the applicants’ goals and ambitions before they arrive to residence. “We take pride in the links between each of our Houses and the strong bonds that exist between the girls, our parents, our Teacher Dons and Heads of House and the School,” the Heads of House at Branksome Hall Asia explained in an interview with a Magazine.

“…Our most important value when running a residence is that we listen,” they said. “Each resident is growing and learning to find her own place in the world. Teenagers make many interesting choices and we’re here to support them in their choices. We have residence programs uniquely designed with personalized attention, clear routines, and personal development opportunities in each of the four houses.”

In Ainslie, Shin Saimdang, Sherborne, and Seondeok House, girls enjoy a modern open living and learning space where they develop and grow as responsible global citizens. Each residence designs their programs to honor and meet the needs of each individual. A team of experienced, dedicated and highly qualified Teacher Dons ensure the well-being of every Branksome Hall Asia residence student.

Grade 6~9: Ainslie and Shin Saimdang Middle School Houses

For many of the younger students this will be the first time away from their families. Branksome Hall Asia does its best to provide a comfortable, homely and inclusive environment where girls begin to form their own unique character and ultimately enjoy a second home environment. An extensive weekend program provides many opportunities to participate in individual and group activities. Teambuilding and independence are featured to facilitate the development of a wealth of unforgettable memories and a platform on which sttudents begin to build valuable lifelong friendships.

One of the most pressing issues for parents who send their child to boarding school overseas is safety. Branksome Hall Asia has comprehensive methods in place to put the mind of every parent at rest. “Each of our beautifully designed residence buildings are secured and we have a security service on-campus that provides for 24hour surveillance,” note the Heads of House. “Our Teacher Dons are always on duty and each residence has clear guidelines regarding safety and signing in and out processes.”

Each of the Middle School houses provide a space where the girls live in harmony alongside one another; caring for each other, learning through shared experiences and developing an understanding of their roles in a complex adult world.

“Girls become skilled at working with others to achieve common goals for the benefit of the community,” explained the Branksome Hall Asia Heads of House. “They also acquire independence and resilience. Our residents are given a range of inependence depending on their ages and as soon as they reach the Senior School Houses, are able to tackle everything from doing their own laundry, to co-ordinating Community Service Programs abroad,” they said.

Grades 10 – 12: Sherborne and Seondeok Senior School Houses

These two residences are home to Branksome Hall Asia’s older students. Sherborne and Seodeok shape the final three years of each student’s education with a mature and academically rigorous approach. Branksome Hall Asia’s young women truly flourish as individuals as the school seeks to prepare them for success as they progress to university.

“We have a number of academic support structures in place,” added the Heads of House. “We have a team of highly qualified Teacher Dons who have degrees from various universities around the world and who are directly involved with in our residents’ lives through their supervisory role during Study Hall and their duties in each house. Our students can seek Teacher Dons’ support at any time,” they state.

The senior and advanced Branksome Hall Asia students are mindful of what it means to be part of a diverse global community. As the school’s creative drivers and innovative leaders, there’s an expectation that Seondeok and Sherborne students pave the way for fellow young women as they start to carve their name on the distinguished history of Branksome Hall Asia.

“We care for our residents and look forward to the way they will make a better world,” the Heads of House conclude. “Our goal for our girls is that, through their communal living experience, they will be empowered young women, love learning and hold fast to their principles in whatever arena they choose to dedicate themselves.”

For all these reasons – and so many more – the Branksome Hall Asia student and boarding experience is considered to be among the world’s elite. The young women emerging from the hallways of its various residences are always mature, grounded, and well-rounded individuals, filled with promise and ready to take on the world.

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