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Branksome Hall Asia: International boarding upgraded and redefined

Sava Milosovic left Ontario for Branksome Hall Asia to reap the full perks of school: the personal connections, the motivation to show up and perform, the kind support from teachers.

“Here, we’re doing face-to-face learning where physical presence is mandatory every day, and that just makes it a lot easier. I am especially good at hands-on learning, so it helps me a lot more to be in school rather than online and I can pay better attention in class,” she says.

Plus, there are more opportunities for her here. “The extracurricular programmes here are very organised. In Canada, you’d sign up for clubs instead of a CASE (Creativity, Activity, Service and Enrichment) activity. And due to optional attendance, my presence wasn’t consistent. At Branksome Hall Asia, you sign up for your CASE activity and go every single time. This gives me the opportunity to better some of my skills that I wouldn’t be able to otherwise,” she shares.

Not everyone is as lucky as Milosovic. Over nine million students in the US alone have been affected by the pandemic, with 74% of the 100 largest school districts choosing 100% remote learning as their back-to-school instructional model. Many other countries are still under lockdown; their schools remain shut. At Branksome Hall Asia,  learning continues in the new norm, with minimal disruptions and zero compromise on quality.

Where girls are empowered to be the best version of themselves

From Australia and Zimbabwe to Germany and Canada, ambitious girls from all corners of the globe come to this established independent girls’ school to empower and be empowered. Nicknamed the Hawaii of South Korea or better known as “Island of the Gods,” Jeju Island has volcanoes, mountains, caves, beaches and cliffs. There is no shortage of majestic scenery and breath-taking nature here.

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Kaya Van Den Handel first heard about the IB experience from her cousin who graduated two years ago. Her parents agreed Branksome Hall Asia’s IB programme would be a good fit for her.

Not long after, they came across Branksome’s International Merit Scholarship. They felt it was a good idea for her to apply, as she was eligible. She did — completing a questionnaire, essay, interview and presentation. Today, as a recipient, she’s ready to fully experience and benefit from Branksome’s exceptional IB World School programme. It’s set to be an advantageous path for Van Den Handel, from its pathways to top university entrances globally to its high expectations and support provided for each student.

“I’m excited to experience just being here really, like meeting a lot of new people and also learning about myself as a student and finding what I want to do for university. I’ve already made a tonne of friends. Everyone’s super supportive and nice, so I’m excited to continue to experience that,” she says.

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For Kressida Banh, what stood out to her right from the start was the teachers. Approachable and patient, they answer every question thoroughly. It’s a stark contrast to her experience at previous schools, where she felt a lot of stress due to peer pressure and intense teaching — at Branksome Hall Asia, it is “a lot more approachable and adaptable,” she says.

This is her first time boarding outside of China too. “I’m really excited to become more independent as a boarding student because most of the students I know that are also Chinese in our grade, their families live in Jeju. I look forward to achieving my academic goals and making new memories,” she says.

While boarding school is known for nurturing independence, that’s not its sole perk. Boarding offers a community of friends, peers, seniors and teachers — a closeness that is hard to find in day schools. “We can work with each other and spend a lot of time together, not only studying, but also if I need any help or have questions about the school, I can go see them and we’re all there to support each other not just from a friendship aspect, but also being able to help one another in our student lives,” says student Bella Ryder.

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Source: Branksome Hall Asia

A home away from home is the epitome of the boarding experience described by Branksome Hall Asia students. “I feel like I’ve gotten close to so many people in Seondeok House and been able to make so many friends — it truly feels like a close-knit family,” student Chiedza Banga from Zimbabwe shares.

Branksome Hall Asia’s International Merit Scholarships are available to non-Korean students new to its Middle and Senior School. The Scholarship award provides 30% of the tuition fees and 30% of boarding fees (if applying for a boarding programme). Learn more here.

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