Branksome Hall Asia: Helping students achieve the outstanding
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Branksome Hall Asia: Helping students achieve the outstanding

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Just off the coast of South Korea sits the volcanic island haven of Jeju, a globally-known UNESCO world heritage site. More than five million people travel annually to this East Asian retreat, eager to explore its rugged coastline lined with tinkling waterfalls and panoramic views.

At the heart of this popular getaway lies Branksome Hall Asia, an all-girls IB-accredited world school that welcomes students from Junior Kindergarten Prep through to Grade 12. Established in 2012 as the sister school of Branksome Hall, Canada, this institution is known for empowering young women, allowing them to discover their own remarkable talent, take risks and step outside of their comfort zones.

“At Branksome Hall Asia, we nurture the development of global perspectives and leadership through service, which benefits all students as they discover their “Remarkable” and their place as leaders locally, nationally and globally,” says Dr. Beverley von Zielonka, Principal of the School.

“Our distinctive educational journey actively pursues our mission, “To challenge and inspire girls each day to love learning and to shape a better world,” she adds.

In July this year, 159,400 students worldwide celebrated their IB Diploma examination results – including Branksome Hall Asia. Powered by its expert teaching and inspiring learning culture, the school was able to achieve exceptional results, earning an overall class average of 36 points. This represents the strongest performance seen by any former Branksome Hall Asia graduating class, highlighting the school as a center of academic excellence that achieves well above the global average of 29.95 points.

On top of this, 100 percent of successful IB candidates earned the IB Bilingual Diploma, an achievement that’s truly unparalleled when you consider the global average of just 28 percent. And as the sparkling jewel in Branksome Hall Asia’s dazzling IB crown, 100 percent of the most current graduate cohort received offers from the world’s Top 100 universities according to QS World University Rankings, cementing the school’s unending dedication to providing an elite and exclusive education.

“Our girls embraced the Branksome Hall Asia challenge to be their best and to give their best,” their website states. “The rewards of their efforts are clear,” it adds. “Our girls are launched as our next generation of outstanding anthropologists, artists and designers, architects, biologists, chemists, doctors, financial analysts, economists, engineers, graphic designers, historians, mathematicians, pharmacists, psychologists, scientists, teachers and much more…

“The type and breadth of our students’ chosen fields of study and university programs are formidable and in fact ‘remarkable’. Extraordinary achievement!”

Branksome Hall Asia parents rest comfortably assured that academics are not the only tool used to support future female leaders; the school is also championed for its C.A.S.E. program, enveloping four distinct pillars in a unique co-curricular offering.

The first pillar is Creativity and encompasses Branksome Hall Asia’s visionary arts component. Here, students get the chance to develop artistic talent and expression through various activities and ensembles, including ballet, photography, theatrical productions, string academy, symphony orchestra, choir and vocal academy, Korean calligraphy, Korean drumming, and more. Equipped with a cutting-edge Performing Arts Center that features spacious performing arts classrooms, practice rooms, an acoustically sophisticated auditorium, a TV studio, an audio recording studio, and dance studio, Branksome Hall Asia’s C.A.S.E. students not only create, but also inspire.

Secondly comes Action, a feature that embodies Branksome Hall Asia’s extensive athletic program. Here, students engage in a variety of sports; from badminton to volleyball, basketball to soccer, swimming to golf, horse riding to track and field, students here have access to it all. All this is complemented by Branksome Hall Asia’s unrivalled facilities – including the 50m Olympic pool, fitness center, golf driving range and putting green, tennis courts, soccer pitch, Wellness Center, and hockey field.

The third pillar is Service, and this is all about the school’s commitment to raising female leaders who consistently drive positive change in an increasingly complex world. At Branksome Hall Asia, students work with various organizations to tackle real problems and advance towards a solution. This feeds nicely into the aspect of Enrichment, which builds on the personal strengths of each participant. Enrichment gives students the chance to perfect their public speaking expertise, act as mentors to others, participate in Model United Nations, get involved in local community initiatives, promote social justice, raise environmental awareness, and much more.

The fourth and final pillar is Exchange – a program that reflects Branksome’s inherent global outlook. The annual Grade 9 student exchange between Branksome Hall Asia and Branksome Hall Canada instils students with an international perspective that proves timeless and invaluable, allowing participants to appreciate different cultural practices and insights. From here, young ladies emerge as knowledgeable, independent, and culturally-aware global citizens who know how to thrive in a fast-paced world.

“From JK Prep to Grade 12, our students share their learning and living in a state-of-the-art world-class facility that embodies and encourages our value for intellectual inquiry, collaboration, effective communication, and strength of character. Branksome Hall Asia vibrates with students’ energy and warmth,” Principal von Zielonka explains.

“The exceptional Branksome Hall Asia faculty fuels this energy,” the Principal concludes. “Experts in their field and dedicated to professional growth, their commitment to the highest levels of learning, to ensure each student discovers her unique “Remarkable,” is central to our success.

“It is with great pride that I invite you and your daughter to visit Branksome Hall Asia to learn more about how your daughter can discover her “Remarkable” in our distinctive Branksome Hall Asia educational journey.”

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