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Bowling Green State University: Successful systems engineering graduates

A Systems Engineering degree has never been more relevant. In the US, many industries are in dire need of systems engineers due to the tremendous growth in this field. With fierce competition among companies comes the implementation of bigger and better systems for their products. Systems engineers are crucial as more companies undergo digital transformation.

Thankfully, universities like Bowling Green State University (BGSU) offer programs that set their students up for success in this dynamic field. A Systems Engineering degree at BGSU is versatile and allows students to match their personal interests with professional goals at the bachelor’s and master’s degree level.

Here, the Systems Engineering (SYE) program takes a multidisciplinary approach, focusing on multiple aspects – engineering design, systems integration, modeling, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills. These skills collectively prepare students to tackle challenges in their future professions while supporting their organizations.

Undergraduate student Bridget Feldman was completely new to Systems Engineering when she first started at BGSU — but not for long. “I found that the approach [to the SYE program] matches the way I think of systems as a cohesive whole rather than just one part of a system,” she says.

Within three weeks, she was given the opportunity to help with a research project. “It is a great way to begin to better understand the field,” she says.

Bowling Green State University

As a Systems Engineering degree at BGSU is versatile, students can combine their personal interests with professional goals Source: Bowling Green State University

Unlike other programs, the SYE program is intentionally holistic when it comes to designing and improving complex systems such as manufacturing, logistics, retail service, and healthcare systems. This not only improves one’s technical skills but their soft skills too — graduates are said to be well-versed in dealing with people, processes, and technologies that make up complex systems.

Another student Jena Lucas loves how the SYE program lets her explore several disciplines. “The systems approach helps to solve problems that are societal in nature and always includes people within a system,” shares Lucas.

Bowling Green State University

Systems Engineering students at BGSU benefit from industry experience. Source: Shutterstock

The BGSU SYE degree sets students up for financial success. A recent market research study conducted by EAB Global Inc. found that the advertised US annual salaries for 82% of professionals with systems engineering degrees is over US$75,000. According to Forbes (2017), systems engineering is one of the top 14 tech jobs in the US, with more than 300,000 unfulfilled positions. Given the competitive tuition rates at BGSU, the return on investment for BGSU students is high.

That’s where SYE students at BGSU have an advantage. They are required to complete one to three industry paid co-ops, where students can transition into full-time job opportunities. Such hands-on experiential learning allows them to apply their newfound knowledge in a real-world setting that further ensures their professional success upon graduation.

Such outcomes are guaranteed to Master of Science in Logistics Systems Engineering (MS-LSE) graduates as well. The MS-LSE is a unique program in the US. It is a collaboration between BGSU’s College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering and the Schmidthorst College of Business. It is among the few interdisciplinary programs in the US that blends business and engineering skills. This was among the reasons why student Emuesiri Daniel Ejairu chose the MS-LSE program, sharing that “it gives us [students] a better understanding of the application of engineering principles in the business world.”

Moreover, this program includes a paid graduate internship and a study abroad experience in Panama. This enables students to gain working knowledge on industry projects related to logistics and enhances their personal and career development through interaction with members of the organization or company.

During Ejairu’s graduate internship, he applied the knowledge gained from his manufacturing class to help reduce waste in a food production company. “This knowledge gave me a good understanding of the various concepts learned in the classroom and their usefulness in real-life business situations,” he says. “Overall, I believe this program has better equipped me with the relevant skills and knowledge to excel going forward in my career.”

Bowling Green State University

MS-LSE graduates often land roles such as engineering manager, logistics manager, supply chain analyst, healthcare analyst, industrial engineer, plant manager, systems integrator, process improvement manager, and engineering operations manager. Source: Shutterstock

Md Parvez Shaikh from Bangladesh feels the same. “[The program] aligned with my future goals and offered graduate internship opportunities. From day one, I wanted to utilize this opportunity to get real-world experience so that after completing the master’s, I can contribute to the industry,” he says.

Shaikh eventually scored a paid internship with Whirlpool Corporation, a Fortune 500 company. This shows how MS-LSE graduates often easily land roles — such as engineering manager, logistics manager, supply chain analyst, healthcare analyst, industrial engineer, plant manager, systems integrator, process improvement manager, and engineering operations manager. And they’re ready to thrive in leading companies like Amazon, Boeing, General Motors and Hondo, to name a few. There are also opportunities for graduate assistantships.

Opportunities abound for MS-LSE graduates. In the last decade, demand for graduates of advanced degrees in logistics systems engineering rose 50% in the Midwest, according to a market research study conducted by EAB Global Inc. The national rate is even higher. The advertised average salaries for such graduates are in the six figures.

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