Bournemouth and Poole College: A springboard to future success
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Bournemouth and Poole College is a Further Education institute with a clear focus on your success and future achievement as an international student.

Further study following high school inevitably comes with its potential pitfalls, and this can be heightened as an international student when moving to a new country and choosing the university or career best suited to your skillset and desired lifestyle.

Welcoming over 300 overseas students a year from over 40 different countries, Bournemouth and Poole College offers unparalleled support to guide you through this trying transition period. With tailormade courses that prepare you for further study and employment, success is almost guaranteed with a qualification from Bournemouth and Poole.

Whether your end goal is getting into a top-flight UK university or gaining the skills needed to enter the workplace and achieve your dream job, this college has the right tutors, support, environment and atmosphere to get you there. In fact, the College is famous for its tailored support for international students, picking up the coveted Beacon Award for International Student Support.

To help you achieve the English language skills needed to progress, the College offers English Language Programmes to suit any schedule or circumstance, including Intensive English courses and Summer/Winter Schools to get your English to where it needs to be. You can even take a little longer and study the language alongside an additional subject of your choice – these include vocational subject matters such as Business, Beauty Therapy, IT and Computing, Hairdressing, and Travel and Tourism.

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The courses capture the imagination and transforms the conventional classroom learning experience as Intensive English graduate and South Korean native, Nasil Kim, found.

“Through teachers, you can learn about study skills, rules of writing essay or IELTS as well,” she says. “But from class, I learned not only language but also England’s culture, literature and even street words!”

There’s also the option to do the language tuition while completing a full set of A-Level subjects that provide you with an internationally recognised qualification and sets you up to take the next step into a UK university. And the College clearly knows the recipe for success with an A-Level pass rate of 100 percent.

A-levels aren’t the only way to launch you into British higher education; the College offers a range of academic programmes designed to prepare you for undergraduate study, and with an impressive 96 percent of international graduates progressing on to university, you know they’re on to a winner.

The International Access to University programme is designed with international students in mind, serving the main purpose of enabling you to gain direct progression to an undergraduate programme within one of the focus areas of Art and Design, Business Studies, Humanities, Media, Performing Arts, and Science.

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The excellent resources and highly skilled staff on these programmes equip you with the study and research skills universities look for, along with the assignment-writing knowledge to guarantee your success in higher learning, as Chinese student Huizhe Li found.

“The International Access to Higher Education Business is a great course. It was particularly designed for students who want to study Business in the future. One thing that I really like is the course included Study Skills. It’s very helpful to improve my IELTS and get used to new learning methods. I am now studying Business Management at Cardiff University.”

The majority of students gain conditional offers from five UK universities with past graduates going on to study at some of the most prestigious institutions in the country – including the London School of Economics, Imperial College London, Manchester and Durham.

Bournemouth and Poole is also the only publicly funded UK College to offer the University of London International Foundation Programme (IFP), a prestigious course that offers a pathway into undergraduate study in top universities, in both the UK and internationally.

The programme will help you to achieve high academic standards and acquire the intellectual curiosity you will need for your future endeavours.

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“The International Foundation Programme that I took in Bournemouth helped me a lot,” says University of St. Andrew’s students and Colombian national, Juanita Monje. “I found out that my essay writing, referencing and reading techniques, needed to be quite different. In this aspect, the College was particularly helpful.

“Now I feel much more confident when I need to write my essays. I feel I have all the skills to succeed as an international student in a foreign country.”

In 2016, the College’s IFP students were deemed to be of an exceptional standard, according to the Senior Executive Group of the University of London.

If you’re looking to skip higher education and go straight into flexing your skills in the workplace, then the Vocational Diploma Programmes are perfect. These incredibly popular courses are ideal for international students who want to be fully integrated with UK students, giving them the chance to develop their language skills while they study their chosen subject.

Designed to develop the professional and technical expertise required for middle management positions, these courses give the kickstart in the industry you’re passionate about. Popular areas for international students include; Hospitality, Hair and Beauty, Media, Art and Design, and Business, to name just a few.

But it’s not just through academics that the College supports its international students, it also makes sure you gain a greater understanding and enjoyment of the British culture.

Located in the beautiful beachside town of Bournemouth and the historic port of Poole, with easy access to London and historic cities of the Southwest, the College capitalises on its location and organises excursions and trips, as well as locally based activities. As Huizhe says:

“The Bournemouth and Poole College is definitely a good place to go for international students because the College not only offers a professional education, but also organises a lot of activities, especially for international students. In addition, Bournemouth is a wonderful town with beautiful beach and friendly people.”

As a prospective international student looking in search of a place to further your knowledge and broaden your mind, you’ll find no better place than Bournemouth and Poole.

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