Bournemouth and Poole College: The pathway to higher education
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The Bournemouth and Poole College is situated in one of the most beautiful, vibrant locations in the UK. The college is one of the largest Further Education colleges in the country, as well as a leading centre of English Language learning.

Each year, around 300 overseas students from many different backgrounds and over 40 different countries choose to study at Bournemouth and Poole College. The College offers a wide range of foundation pathways that will give you all the knowledge and skills to progress onto university, as well as professional and technical programmes which will provide you with qualifications and prepare you for the world of work.

You will be taught by leading experts and supported by some of the best learning facilities in the country. You will also study alongside thousands of UK students, providing an excellent opportunity to improve your English language skills and gain a good understanding of British life and culture.

Image courtesy of the Bournemouth & Poole College

So if you’re looking to further your studies in the UK, take a look at what they have to offer…

The University of London International Foundation Programme

Designed to challenge and prepare students for the trials of higher education, this one year full-time foundation programme is designed to give students the knowledge needed to embark on a wide range of undergraduate degree programmes in business, economics, the social sciences and related subjects in some of the UK’s top universities including Imperial College London, London School of Economics, and Oxford.

International Access to University                 

Specifically-catered to the international student population, this access to university programme is an academic preparation programme for undergraduate entry in seven generic subject areas: Art and Design, Business Studies, Computing, Humanities, Media, Performing Arts and Science. This one-year, full-time course gives direct progression to the first year of an undergraduate programme at a UK university. Throughout your time at the College, you’ll work on a mix of classroom-based activities, as well as supported self-study and blended learning which includes tutorial support. Graduates from have gone on to study at several leading UK universities including Cardiff, Durham and Warwick.

 English Language Programmes

International students who wish to improve their English while studying overseas can opt for one of the three specialised language courses at Bournemouth and Poole College. From General and Intensive English courses that require 15- to 21-hours of study per week respectively, to a 12-week intensive English Plus course, students are able to select a programme that directly suits their needs. But if you simply can’t make room in your schedule, there’s the option to pursue summer or winter school courses.

Image courtesy of the Bournemouth & Poole College

For both General and Intensive English courses, you’ll work on improving your English capabilities through speaking, listening, reading and writing. You’ll also boost your knowledge of English grammar, vocabulary, and also hone your pronunciation. If you plan to pursue English Language exams like the IELTS, or are otherwise aiming to further your studies, the Intensive English Language programme is likely to be your best choice.

As for the English Plus course, students study English for 15-hours each week, combined with six-hours per week on any ‘Plus’ subject, which include Art and Design, Business, Beauty Therapy, IT and Computing, Hairdressing, Music, Sports and Fitness, and Travel and Tourism.

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