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Boston Trinity Academy: Paving the way for graduates to enter top tier universities

A Boston Trinity Academy education inspires students to excel at numerous top colleges and universities and in life beyond.

Spanning a five-acre campus in Boston‘s Hyde Park neighbourhood, Boston Trinity is a Christian, co-educational college-preparatory school that welcomes nearly 235 students in Grades 6 to 12. It’s the most diverse independent school in Massachusetts – with international students from 12 countries making up 10% of its students.

Here, students are intellectually curious and driven to discover more. In Middle School, students develop fundamental skills such as grammar usage, essay writing, and public speaking through a curated curriculum. The small class setting lets every student enjoy individual attention and receive personalised support. 

As they progress to Upper School, students take Advanced Placement (AP) courses that prepare them for the rigours of college coursework and develop their ability to thrive at a collegiate level. They also rise to the challenge of demanding academics. Clara Xu, a Boston Trinity graduate, took her AP Calculus BC class in 10th grade, which surprised Dr. Michael Chen, a former faculty member at the academy. 

“When Clara initially started in my class, she could rival some of the best maths students in any school,” he shares. “At the same time, she expressed that she was learning maths for the first time. I felt tremendous joy.”

Students are required to take at least three AP courses to graduate, and this year, they can choose from 13 courses, ranging from Biology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Psychology, European History, and many more.

Boston Trinity Academy

The Senior Symposium grants students an opportunity to defend their chosen research topic in front of a distinguished panel of judges. Source: Boston Trinity Academy

An education at Boston Trinity culminates with the Senior Symposium. Students choose a justice-related issue and are guided through the year, researching and analysing it through two lenses: moral philosophy and Christian ethics. At the end of the year, they have to present and defend the 25-page paper before an invited panel of judges from the Boston academic and professional communities.

The challenge is something that graduates like Dylan Elliott-Hart appreciate. “Boston Trinity’s Senior Symposium allowed me to start college already having written an independent research paper, which gave me the confidence and tools necessary to take a senior research seminar in my first year on campus,” says Elliott-Hart.

The result of collegiate-level work in high school? 100% of Boston Trinity graduates gain admission into four-year universities. At the likes of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Cornell University, Boston University, and more, they stand out for their intellect, leadership, and moral character.

With his Boston Trinity foundation, Elliott-Hart didn’t have to wait until after uni to advocate for issues that mattered to him. “The spring of my freshman year, I launched a campaign to hold corporations accountable for human rights violations in their supply chains,” he says. “Pulling from the experience of Senior Symposium and my time as a Trinity Institute Intern, I was able to lead a team in researching and drafting legislation, petitioning and phone-banking in the community, and testifying in support of our proposed legislation at the State House.”

Boston Trinity Academy

The fun and learning continues outside the classroom, with students tapping into their interest by pursuing a range of activities in the arts, athletics, and more. Source: Boston Trinity Academy

The Boston Trinity factor

Outside the classroom, students tap into their interests, pursuing a range of activities in the arts, athletics, and more. It’s a testament to the well-rounded education that enriches the learning experience at Boston Trinity.

It starts with the study of dramatic arts that is incorporated into the rigorous curriculum. In Middle School, students participate in drama, choir, and the visual arts. As they progress to Upper School, students select various compulsory and elective offerings to deepen their understanding of the arts.

Similarly, that grit and passion flow through the school’s Athletic programme. It trains young boys and girls, who make up the Boston Trinity Lions, to play with a desire to win and the humility to accept defeat with grace. After all, Boston Trinity athletes are recognised for how well they carry themselves on and off the field – a true reflection of the values derived from their education.

Learning and faith are also integrated with service to create an educational experience that is as transformative as it is impactful. This is pioneered by The Trinity Institute for Leadership and Social Justice, a leadership development and service programme that aims to build a community drawn together by a common desire to seek wisdom, knowledge, and truth.

As Senior Student Emma Verrengia puts it, “It is incredible to be at a school where I can find people who are so similar to me and yet so incredibly different, but we can still engage in conversations and be very close friends. It’s truly inspiring.”

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