Miss Hall’s School
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Nothing guarantees success at college or university like a boarding school experience — even more so if it is one in the US. These institutions are unique for nurturing pupils by instilling the skills needed to thrive in the real world. They teach the importance of collaboration by helping learners find joy in athletic activity, excelling in the arts and most importantly, finding their purpose by helping communities.

Enjoying these perks means leaving the nest and gaining independence — which is never easy for young learners. However, they often find a sense of home amongst multinational communities, which US boarding schools are known for housing.

The right friend groups make all the difference when understanding curricula and remaining engaged during study sessions. Furthermore, embracing various cultures and backgrounds only adds to their toolkits.

Sounds like the education your child needs? Read on to discover four US boarding schools that transforms learners into the best version of themselves while teaching them to meet 21st century demands:

Miss Hall’s School

Miss Hall’s School

Hallmark classes at Miss Hall’s provide in-depth and challenging coursework through advanced courses that cover Artificial Intelligence, Creative Writing, Latin and Biotechnology. Source: Miss Hall’s School

Since its founding in 1898 — the first girls’ boarding school in Massachusetts — Miss Hall’s has been inspiring and encouraging each student to pursue the highest academic standards and to contribute boldly and creatively to the common good. Situated in the beautiful New England landscape, with rolling hills, a river, and two ponds, its 80-acre campus is an ideal setting for girl-centered learning. What truly sets this boarding school apart, however, is its ability to nurture girls into young women with the confidence to lead and the skills to make a positive difference in the world.

Miss Hall’s School is recognised internationally for its experiential leadership curriculum, service and internship programmes, and its supportive, inclusive community. The school currently enrols 180 students from 24 countries, living and learning together as global citizens. Its signature Horizons programme has over 75 volunteer and pre-professional opportunities tailored to each girl’s interests — 100% participate every week throughout the year. Life in the classroom is just as dynamic, as advanced Hallmark classes at Miss Hall’s provide in-depth and challenging coursework in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Creative Writing, Art Intensive, Latin, Biotechnology, and the Law.

Every young woman here is encouraged to develop their voice— whether that means advocating for girls and women in science at the United Nations, speaking before the Massachusetts State legislature about restricting the distribution of single-use plastics, or providing needed translation services to immigrants. When it comes to their aspirations, Miss Hall’s students are empowered to take action and solve problems with intellect and creativity while embracing a spirit of exploration and curiosity.

Girls emerge from this transformative experience as self-aware, resilient, and courageous participants in a multicultural society. Their pioneering spirit is exemplified in social activist Ubah Ali, New York Supreme Court Judge Lucy Adams Billings, acclaimed sculptor Nancy Graves, and international policy advisor Zelia Peet Ruebhausen — all impressive graduates. Theirs is a worldwide network of women leaders with vision and the know-how to create change.

Students’ passions are ignited here every day. To discover yours while developing the competencies of an effective global changemaker, click here to learn more about Miss Hall’s School.

Episcopal High School

Episcopal High School.

Students learn by making connections from freshman to sophomore and junior to senior years. Source: Episcopal High School.

Episcopal High School is that boarding school. Since 1839, it has been challenging students to evolve into young adults ready to lead lives of ethical leadership and service.

What sets Episcopal HS apart is its 100% boarding community and location. At its 130-acre residential campus, 440 students in grades nine to 12 and faculty live in a setting where they can discover passions, interests, and personal strengths. There are only three other 100% boarding schools in the US.

Here, close relationships — the kind that help us understand, appreciate, and bridge our differences — are forged. Step beyond campus and the intriguing, real-world experiences amidst the vast resources of Washington, D.C. — only eight miles away — and beyond, are at the disposal of students. On a weekly basis, students get to take full advantage of all the nation’s capital has to offer, be it during their extracurricular programmes or their experiential classes.

Episcopal HS also offers special programming through the McCain-Ravenel Centre for Intellectual and Moral Courage. The centre coordinates and supports signature initiatives that prepare Episcopal HS students for life outside Episcopal and to help them embody the Portrait of a Graduate. These include the Washington Programme, Global Programmes, Leadership and Ethics, Outdoor Leadership, and Service and Civic Engagement.

The centre’s name is fitting for its and Episcopal HS’s mission — it is named for the late Sen. John McCain ’54 and his Episcopal HS mentor, teacher William B. Ravenel, a World War II veteran who inspired McCain to pursue a life of honour and service.

St. Paul’s School

St. Paul’s School

SPS students spend four mornings a week in the community chapel. Source: St. Paul’s School

Founded in 1856, St. Paul’s School (SPS) was originally established on 50 acres of land. Today, its grounds now span 2,000 idyllic acres, including 25 miles of wooded trails, four ponds and the upper third of the Turkey River – ideal surroundings for young learners who love exploring.

SPS students spend four mornings a week in the community chapel. There are 19 houses and house heads, over 70 clubs and societies and more than 850 friendly members of the community. Of the 850, over 500 community members are students who come from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. “I have friends now from Hong Kong, from Germany, from Canada – these are the kind of relationships you’ll form over time, but really it starts here at St. Paul’s,” shares Sam, a student from California.

The SPS core curriculum includes teachings in the humanities, mathematics, the sciences, languages, religion and the arts. These key subjects go hand-in-hand with the school’s priority to nurture students through the performing arts, an inclusive chapel programme and community engagement. The ultimate goal is to provide young learners with all the preparation they need to succeed in college, life and the workforce.

Wyoming Seminary College Preparatory School

Wyoming Seminary

Studying at Wyoming Seminary means learning alongside a diverse student body with students from more than 30 countries. Source: Wyoming Seminary

If you’re looking for a school that combines a world-class experience both inside and outside the classroom, then Wyoming Seminary College Preparatory School is the place for you. Located in the scenic Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania, Wyoming Seminary is an independent college preparatory boarding school with a curriculum that benefits students of different passions and interests.

Here, students learn within a diverse cohort of students from more than 30 countries. They offer more than 160 courses and 22 Advanced Placement classes. STEM-based learning, for instance, is infused into its curriculum, extracurricular clubs and activities, as well as their surrounding community through a lecture series and Saturday events. There is a STEM/STEAM Concentration and a Climate Science and Sustainability Concentration, both of which are four-year programmes that allow students to specialise in their studies, similar to a major in university.

Students can choose from numerous clubs and activities to develop their passions and interests outside of the classroom. With more than 20 sports offerings for both boys and girls and over 40 clubs ranging from academic to social and community service, students are spoiled for choice.

Its safe location is highly appealing — the campus is a stone’s throw away from coffee shops, shopping malls, sports arenas, and theatres. Wyoming Seminary is within driving distance to New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

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