Birmingham Business School: Game-changers welcome

The face of business is changing. In today’s increasingly globalised world, corporations are more international and interconnected than they’ve ever been before. Employees, entrepreneurs and organisations can no longer stick to their local networks; true success takes someone who looks beyond the obvious, someone who reaches for more, and someone who sees opportunities where others see none. These real game-changers are the ones who make waves in the modern business realm.

Whether you’re straight out of high school or a professional looking to take the next step in your career, all you need is a School that shares your ethos to unleash your full potential.

Birmingham Business School (BBS) at the University of Birmingham strongly believes in creating global leaders of the future. BBS’ mission is to “put people at the heart of business and business at the heart of society”. In keeping to this message, the School is developing the next generation of responsible, global business leaders and entrepreneurs through a research-led, multidisciplinary approach to learning.

The School currently hosts students from more than 60 countries at the main Birmingham-based campus, also boasting a number of international partner universities where BBS courses are taught for their internationally-relevant value. The School’s global alumni community spreads to a whopping 29,000 graduates, giving it truly worldwide reach and ensuring there are universal advantages to the work they do.  Alumni have gone onto work for multinational companies in both the public, private and third sectors, using their expertise and experience of learning from academics with a universal outlook.

This international reach extends to BBS’ industry links. Research carried out informs the development of business practice for the School’s respected partners, ensuring very close ties with largescale players in the field. This mutually-beneficial relationship also urges businesses worldwide to recruit BBS graduates for their team.  The list of current industry partners reads like a who’s who in the business world. Big hitters – such as Accenture, BP, Deloitte, Ernst and Young, HSBC, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers – are among the companies that work closely beside BBS

As a triple-crown accredited School, you’re guaranteed to receive a high-quality education equal to some of the world’s leading schools, but its BBS’s approach to research and their encouragement of independent thinking that drives innovation and lifelong learning that sets the School apart.

The research pursued at BBS is relevant to the problems both business and society face on a daily basis and contributes to the academic debate worldwide. BBS’s research has a lasting impact in shaping policy and informing professional institutions, government departments and international bodies.

Projects have a widely broad scope, from knowledge transfer in Chinese overseas mergers to sustainable global supply chains, they investigate business issues that affect the wider world.   One particular research project has been studying the largest knitwear garment-exporting cluster in India and exploring the impact of value chains and policies on large and small organisations; an insight that will allow these companies to understand how they can improve and prosper in a global world by either changing HR practices, or incorporating new operational structures.

The Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship (CREME) is working to “make diversity and enterprise everyone’s business”, delivering leading-edge expertise on business support for ethnic minority entrepreneurs. Globally, their research tackles important and current issues, for example, migrant entrepreneurship.

Other examples include research on responsible business, for example, approaches to business ethics in the film industry was explored in a blog featured during Responsible Business Week 2017.

This consistent global outlook to the world of business is echoed throughout the curriculum and is a major part of why BBS graduates go on to become informed, valued and responsible leaders in later life. It is also reflected in their student body and faculty.

As innovation and globalisation continue to shape the business sphere, it will be those students who are able to adapt to and influence the ever-changing landscape who will rise straight to the top. And Birmingham Business School graduates will be the ones who lead the charge.

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