best side hustle ideas
Here are five ways to productive use your summer break to earn a side income. Source: Ezequiel Becerra/AFP

Summer is the perfect time to take a break from your studies — and there are many productive ways to spend your free time. If you want to make some extra cash on the side, the thought, “What are some of the best side hustle ideas?” may have crossed your mind.

While there are plenty of opportunities to work on and off-campus, online side hustles have become a convenient way for students to earn a side income from the comforts of their own home, as they are perfect for those who cannot commit to full-time work.

As a precautionary step, it is best to check the laws of the country you’re studying in and comply with your student visa (we’ve written about countries where international students can and cannot engage in freelance work — check it out here).

One great thing about an online side hustle is you can work from any part of the world. If you are travelling back to your home country for your summer break or sticking around the country you are studying in, here are five of the best side hustle ideas you can try online:

best side hustle ideas

For those who cannot commit to a full-time or freelance job, online side hustles are a great and legal way to earn a side income as an international student. Source: Oli Scarff/AFP

5 best side hustle ideas to try online this summer

1. Resell stuff online

Have a pile of clothes, knick-knacks, or old gadgets lying around that you don’t need? With technology, you can buy and sell things online with ease.

As an international student, you can leverage technology to set up a reselling side hustle to earn you some extra cash. E-commerce sites such as eBay are popular places to sell your stuff online — and find something you may need for a good price.

best side hustle ideas

If you are a student who loves photography, selling stock photos online is an easy way to earn a side income. Source: Manan Vatsyayayna/AFP

2. Sell stock photos

If you are a student who is talented at photography, this is the perfect opportunity to make some extra cash on the side. According to Coherent Market Insights, the global stock photography market is expected to experience significant growth from 2021 to 2028 due to increasing demand for quality images.

Stock photos are also used in brochures, websites, book covers and other online and offline publications to spice up their content. Hence, you can sell your images to stock photo websites, such as Alamy and 500px, which will sell your photos to clients and give you a commission. Currently, pictures about nature, mental health awareness, and travel, among others, are popular stock photos that are in demand, the Expert Photography reports.

3. Sell illustrations on Canva

In 2021, Canva co-founder and CEO Melanie Perkins shared that 60 million people globally would use the popular free-to-use online graphic design tool. If you are a digital art student with a knack for graphics design, selling illustrations on Canva could be a handy way to earn a side income.

Many businesses require illustrations for their online store banners and social media posts. Being a contributor on Canva allows you to earn money depending on the number of people who used the illustrations you submit. With the right niche, you’ll be able to find the right individuals and businesses who desire your unique art.

best side hustle ideas

If you have a knack for writing, you can offer your services to edit and proofread academic papers. Source: Christof Stache/AFP

4. Offer academic editing services

Although you can become a freelance writer if you have a knack for writing, it is not the only way for writers to earn a side income. You can also edit or proofread your classmate’s academic paper by charging your services per page.

If you want to scale up your side hustle after graduation, you can expand your hustle to help other students globally by working as an editor on academic sites.

5. Become an Airbnb experiences host

Do you have a passion for adventure? Airbnb Experiences is a convenient way to earn money while sharing your hobby, skills, or expertise with a group of people.

You can host classes online for various activities such as cooking, dancing, reading, and playing a musical instrument, among others. A tip here is to share something you are passionate about so it will be easier to market yourself on the site, get people to try your experience, and build a real hustle.