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Forget private tutoring for your homework and prep for exams like the SAT and ACT. DIY with some help from the internet's best homework help sites. Source: Nicolas Tucat/AFP

Most people assume they need to pay for a tutor to get the best homework help.

But getting a tutor can cost a fair amount, especially if you’re an international student. 

Tutors in the US charge between US$25 to US$80 per hour teaching standard K-12 subjects like Math, English and Science.

Tutoring centres can charge between US$100 to US$200 per month for weekly sessions. 

Of course, these rates vary according to the subject. For example, tutoring rates for SAT and test prep can range between US$45 to US$100 per hour, according to

The more advanced the subject, the more expensive the tutors are

If you’re a student on a budget, hiring a private tutor isn’t the most practical solution. But that doesn’t mean you can’t study well on your own.

All it takes is determination and knowing where to look for free online resources.

If you’re looking for the best homework help that won’t cost you a single cent, bookmark these lifesaving websites now:

homework help

Take control of your studies by using these free and best homework help resources. Source: Nicolas Tucat/AFP

1. Khan Academy

The first on the list is Khan Academy. 

The platform offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalised learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.

Students can choose from an impressive list of subjects that span all levels, including early maths to AP Biology and more.

Khan Academy even offers help with test prep for the SAT, ACT, MCAT, GMAT and other college-level entrance exams.

All resources on the website are also translated into more than 36 languages to increase access globally.

2. Socratic 

Socratic is one of the best homework help tools around. It’s powered by Google AI and available as an app on both the Apple App Store and Google PlayStore

You’ll find visual explanations, video tutorials and detailed step-by-step guides to understand complex concepts in subjects like Science, Math, Literature, Social Studies and more.

Students simply write or ask questions using their voice and Socratic brings the best possible educational resource that answers the question.

It’s also perfect for students who are looking to double-check their answers. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the app.

3. Quizlet

homework help

Quizlet hosts solutions in over 60 subjects ranging from philosophy, sociology, algebra, computer science and languages. Source: Ina Fassbender/AFP

Another highly recommended site for the best homework help online is Quizlet. It’s so popular that every two in three students in the US use it to help them learn better outside classes. 

Quizlet hosts solutions in over 60 subjects ranging from philosophy, sociology, algebra, computer science and languages.  There are in-depth explanations that use step-by-step explanations to show students how to solve complex problems. 

One of their greatest features is The Flashcards tool which helps students prepare for their assignments and quizzes.  Students can create their own interactive flashcards and study sets or use pre-made ones shared by other students and learners. 

Quizlet is also available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.

4. Brainly

Brainly is an app and a website that offers some of the best homework help online for subjects such as Math, Social Studies, World Languages, Computer Science, Arts, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, among others.

Unlike the other tools listed above, Brainly is a peer-to-peer network of questions. This means answers are provided by other students, tutors, PhDs, and teachers.

This open-style forum space doesn’t have a set of answers laid out or a group of professionals giving answers. Rather, students can post a question and, hopefully, get an answer from the community of others in education.

Since the answers are moderated by a group of volunteers made up of teachers and other users, Brainly uses a green check mark to show answers that have been verified by the Brainly subject experts so you can rely on that as being more accurate than some others might be.