Benefits of studying a US LL.M.

In an increasingly competitive employment market, it takes more than an undergraduate degree to stand out among a sea of applicants applying for the same role. Many students decide to pursue sought-after industry placements to build their portfolio and give them an edge over others. But for a number of fields, such as law, it takes more than an undergraduate degree and a great portfolio to get that foot firmly in the door. So for students hoping to strengthen their chances of securing a permanent position after graduation, it makes sense for you to consider a globally-recognized Master of Law (LL.M.) program.

Taking a year to complete on a full-time schedule, a Master’s can do much more than just set you apart from other recent graduates; for one,  the LL.M. can greatly boost earning potential and help improve your grasp of the English language. On top of that, an LL.M. degree from a prestigious institution can really boost your value, bridging the gap between your education and the entry requirements for leading law firms.

The LL.M helps students develop a specialization

Law students and professionals often apply for the LL.M. course to gain expertise in a specialized field of law. For those hoping to work within specific areas like banking law, estate planning, or international arbitration, pursing an LL.M. can really boost your chances of landing that dream job. Instead of covering all subject areas, you’ll only have to study the ins and outs of your specialization, allowing you to gain a comprehensive understanding of that subject – something that’s held in incredibly high regard for law firms around the world. Apart from offering the unique chance to specialize, the LL.M. is also a great way for current lawyers to change or restart their career, serving as a sort of refresher for those who are unsure about the modern developments of the law industry.

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An employability boost

Although you do not need a LL.M. to be able to work in a law firm, it can offer considerable help in terms of the application process. While some employers prefer candidates with postgraduate degrees, many view the LL.M. as an asset to their firms as the course provides invaluable analytical, critical and evaluative skills. In addition to bolstering your chances of finding employment, a Master’s can also increase your networking opportunities, giving you the chance to work at legal clinics and undertake externships where you can meet fellow industry professionals, thus boosting your chance of finding a permanent job.

International recognition

One of the effects of globalization is that international experience is now more valuable than ever -especially for those who intend to work for global organizations. Law students and professionals who pursue a LL.M. have more chances of moving to a brand-new country as the qualification is globally-recognized. For students who specialize in a specific area, like environmental policy making, this means you’ll have the chance to work on projects around the world.  One of the advantages of globalization is the need for understanding legal relationships on an international scale, which in-turn requires lawyers with specific specialties.

Intrigued to know more? Here are three leading US law schools that offer the LL.M. advantage…


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Providing much more than a stellar qualification in law, the University of Miami makes educating and nurturing LL.M. students a top priority.  Miami’s School of Law focuses on personal guidance on course selection to match each student’s academic and professional goals. Prominently positioned at the portal to the Americas, the institution ensures students have a rich and demanding curriculum, instruction in legal research and writing, and professional skills training to keep them on their toes. The School provides several LL.M. programs including Tax Law, Taxation of Cross-Border Investment, Real Estate/Property Development, International Arbitration, Comparative Law, and Maritime Law.

The Miami School of Law also represents the only law school to offer a combined graduate law degree in Entertainment, Arts and Sports in addition to Intensive Legal English + LL.M.  and many options to qualify to sit for a U.S. Bar Exam, including New York. The School provides hands-on training through its 10 legal clinics and a Career Development Office staffed with nine advisors one of whom is dedicated to assisting international LL.M. students with securing externships, networking, and conducting job searches. And once you graduate with Miami’s world-class law degree, you become an integral part of a successful global alumni network and the Miami Law community.


In a time where a global perspective stands as a vital asset, it’s important to gain a legal education that reaches out to the world. And that’s exactly what students at the University of Notre Dame receive from its numerous classes, internships and study abroad opportunities. The institution offers an LL.M. (Master of Laws) that can be pursued either at the University’s main South Bend campus in Indiana, or at the Law School’s London Law Centre in the UK. The Notre Dame Law School’s LL.M. curriculum integrates rigorous academic standards with an emphasis on ethics and values, while being delivered by leading scholars who serve as faculty members and student mentors.

The School also has a small student-to-faculty ratio which grants more time for personalized programs and individual attention. As part of this distinguished curriculum, students cover business law, criminal law, land, energy and environmental law, global law, intellectual property and technology law, law, ethics and public policy, and public law. It is also the only overseas graduate-degree program that allows European pupils studying at the London campus to obtain an LL.M. from a recognized law school in the US.

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