Amazing school campuses around the world
A taxi boat sails on Lake Lugano on May 7, 2019 near Lugano, southern Switzerland. (Photo by Fabrice COFFRINI / AFP)

Living away from home poses challenges, but students at boarding schools gain independence, skills and experience way beyond their years. With many factors to include — the education system, co-curricular activities, and location — when choosing an institution, let us help out by rounding up some of the most beautiful boarding schools in the world.  

Why choose a boarding school? In the US, 70% of students said that boarding school helped them develop self-discipline, maturity, independence and critical thinking skills. These schools have been proven to help students for life outside the home and as a pathway to higher education.  

Everywhere, parents are investing large amounts of money into these prestigious institutions so their kids can flourish into the best version of themselves. Some other advantages of boarding schools? Fewer distractions with more time to study, cultural diversity, and fluency in another language for international students. The cherry on top is stunning views. Below we take a look at some of the most beautiful boarding schools in the world:

South Kent School

Nestled upon a hill surrounded by 550 acres of beautiful Connecticut countryside, South Kent is an all-boys college preparatory school in the US. A breathtaking mountain scenery engulfs this school, which is surrounded by lush green trees that turn golden in the fall. This school has 30 buildings, eight dormitories, six classroom buildings, and extensive athletic facilities. 

A picturesque central campus, with the spectacular rolling hills of the Connecticut countryside always in view, enhances the student experience at South Kent School. Source: South Kent School

The extensive athletic facilities prove that South Kent School takes fitness seriously. Some of the best professional NBA players have attended this institution. Some of them include Andray Blatche, Isaiah Thomas, and Jin-Soo Choi. 

Branksome Hall Asia

Located on the beautiful island of Jeju, Branksome Hall Asia — founded in 2012 — is the only international girls school in Korea. Jeju Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its volcanic landscape of craters and lava tubes, so you can only imagine how lucky students at this school are being able to see this view on a daily basis. 

beautiful boarding schools

Seogwipo, where Branksome Hall Asia is located, is the second largest city on the picturesque Jeju Island. Source: Shutterstock

It is also one of the few boarding schools to provide all three levels of the IB programme — the IB Primary Years Programme, the IB Middle Years Programme, and the IB Diploma Programme. What’s more, Branksome Hall Asia offers International Merit Scholarships for non-Korean students, covering both boarding and tuition fees. 


TASIS Switzerland is the oldest private and co-ed American international boarding school in Europe. Its campus stands on a hill in a small village overlooking Lugano — an Italian-speaking town mixing Swiss and Meditarranean cultures. Lugano is not only Switzerland’s third most important financial centre, but is also full of parks, flowers and sacred buildings. With state-of-the-art and eco-friendly buildings, TASIS is also a hive of constant learning.

beautiful boarding schools

With Lugano Lake and city at your fingertips, why would TASIS not be on your list? Source: Shutterstock

The school’s signature programmes include the IB Diploma, the biannual Academic Travel trips throughout Europe and a pioneering Global Service Programme. With a high international stature, some of the most notable alumni from TASIS include Italian-English musician Jack Savoretti, US actor Billy Zane and Angelina Jolie’s divorce attorney Laura Wasser. 

Eton College

Eton College is located in Windsor — England’s most historic charming royal town along the River Thames. This is one of the world’s best-known all-male schools. Home to approximately 1,315 students, the campus comprises buildings which are modernised according to the school’s development programme, including its new flagship facility The Tony Little Centre for Innovation and Research in Learning. When it comes to sports, Eton supports cricket players, football players and hockey players, and many more. The chance to experience boarding life here costs 42,501 pounds a year.

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Eton College, more commonly known as “the nursery of England’s gentlemen,” boasts alumni like Boris Johnson and Prince William. Source: Shutterstock

The student body at Eton College is a diverse one that comes from a variety of nationalities and different backgrounds. However, this school is known to be “the nursery of England’s gentlemen”, with notable alumni including Boris Johnson, Prince William and Eddie Redmayne.

The Doon School

Established in 1935, this all-boys boarding school in India was envisioned by Satish Ranjan Das — a Kolkata lawyer — who modelled it after a British public school system but kept in mind Indian ambitions and desires. As one of India’s finest schools, the Doon School also has a 70-acre campus with a large range of flora, fauna and bird life. A year at this school can come up to 1,818,750 Indian rupee.

beautiful boarding schools

Dehradun, where the Doon School is located, is a city known to be nestled in between the breathtaking mountain views. Source: Shutterstock

The Doon School is known to recruit a repertoire of kids from wealthy Indian families. Some of them include social activist Bunker Roy, fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani, politician Kamal Nath and renowned sculptor Anish Kapoor.