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The pursuit of a Master of Business can be considered a lifelong investment for graduates looking to advance their professional career. It is common knowledge, after all, that a degree in this field will be globally-recognised, giving graduates the potential to forge successful futures in regions such as Asia, Europe and even the U.S.

Postgraduate education in the business or management field will instil the expertise that an undergraduate degree may not have equipped you with. And as competition rises in the global employment market, graduates are doing whatever it takes to stand out from the sea of aspiring hopefuls aiming for the same position.

So, what else makes a Master of Business or Management so appealing? Well, there’s also the fact that these programmes are often open to students who don’t already possess a Bachelor-level qualification in these specific fields. In fact, anyone who is interested and has the right work experience can be eligible to apply for this course.


But with thousands of postgraduate business programmes out there, how do you know which one suits you best? One way to go about it is to seek a Master’s that provides practical features as an integral part of the programme. After all, one of the main reasons you’re pursuing a postgraduate degree is to strengthen your career prospects after graduation!

One university that’s helping graduates achieve this is the University of Bath, a top ten UK university with an outstanding reputation for both teaching and research. Bath’s School of Management, known to be one of the UK’s leading business schools, is adamant that from the moment you set foot in this world-class institution, you’ll have unparalleled access to the organisations that will considerably boost your future employment opportunities.

The Bath School of Management faculty understands the importance of graduate employability, aiming to empower students by instilling the skills that are highly effective in a competitive global market. The School offers a wide range of Masters courses, covering all areas of business, management and finance. These programmes are specifically-designed to emphasise practical work, as well as to promote outstanding research and teaching practice.

Here, students get the chance to learn from the leading experts in the field, who also happen to bring the most current research findings to the classroom. These are intensive, one-year courses that will expertly prepare you for a leadership position in virtually any sector. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in research, the School also holds a strong focus in that area, eventually allowing you to pursue a respected PhD.

Here are just three of their courses that help students combine academic theory with highly relevant practical skills:

MSc in Entrepreneurship and Management

On this course, students learn the fundamental business and management skills alongside the nature, context and process of entrepreneurship. You’ll nurture your entrepreneurial capabilities while learning how to manage dynamic organisations. Students work closely with the School’s tight-knit network of entrepreneurs who give workshops on pitching, creative thinking, persuasion and negotiation.

MSc in Innovation and Technology Management

Developed by the Bath School of Management and the Department of Mechanical Engineering, this innovative degree is aimed at graduates of engineering, science or management who want to develop their innovation, technological or engineering expertise. Students work together in high-performing multidisciplinary teams to develop key management skills that enable them to take the lead in strategic decisions on innovation and technology management.

MSc in Operation Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Designed for graduates who want to work in the managerial or consulting areas of operations, logistics or supply chain management, this degree will equip you with knowledge needed to get a head-start in the industry. It will also introduce you to well-connected professionals with skills that are desired across many industries. Students work alongside clients from day one, and also pursue a live consulting project with an organisation throughout the year via the School’s unique Practicum feature.

What makes this PG portfolio so special is its ability to attract top employers, all of whom actively recruit Bath Business graduates for their unique combination of academic talent and real-world expertise. Besides offering comprehensive courses, the School also boasts an integrated Professional Development Programme (PDP), designed to maximise your chance of finding a job in the competitive global market.

The programme includes individual support where students can identify specific career goals and plan their job search. They also benefit from skills development training, job application support and advice, and opportunities to network with graduate recruiters. On top of this, you’ll hear from industry leaders via employer-led skills sessions, company visits and presentations.

Image courtesy of the University of Bath, School of Management

In addition to providing guidance, students get to work alongside companies from their very first week. The School’s valuable network covers more than 200 companies in virtually every sector, giving students plenty of opportunity to meet and greet organisations. Students learn about global businesses, investigating their working culture and what they seek in potential hires, all the while developing their skills and enquiring about graduate opportunities. Long-term organisations and corporate partners that work with the School include A.S. Watson Group, J.P. Morgan, EY, BMT HiQ Sigma, BMW, CIL Management Consultant, Property Solutions, PwC and Zurich. And on top of all this, the University of Bath has been specially-selected to participate alongside the University of Oxford, Imperial College London, and the University of Cambridge in the Tier 4 Visa Pilot, a pilot scheme which offers one-year Master’s students the chance to benefit from a streamlined visa application process, plus six months added to their visa to allow them to look for work after graduation.

At the University of Bath, you’ll receive a first-class education in a world-renowned heritage city. From its innovative business partnerships to promising graduate opportunities, the School drives students one step closer towards their dream career.

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